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    Please will someone talk to me

    Care package needs reconfigured! Hi Ellie It sounds like you are getting a service that does not meet your needs. Care needs need to take in all aspects of care: bio,psychological and social as well as basic accoutability physical needs. Good luck Margy:)
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    A life in the day of.........................

    Hi granny G Though I am researching dementia I am also a carer of an adult with epilepsy and other complex issues. I know our issues are different Grannie G but coping alone with 'Professional' services demonstrating a thin understanding of psychological or cognitive impairments and of...
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    Pointers needed for a degree essay

    Social aspects Hi Adam I am a second year mature student researching the social environment of individuals with dementia and even though I had worked in many different areas as an agency nurse I learned so much by my research and wide reading over the last year. I would recommend to you...