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    Is grief normal while Dad is still alive?

    I'm in pretty much the same situation as you except mum is in a home. She too had a massive stroke 2 1/2 years ago about 8 months after her Alz diagnosis. She was a keep fit teacher and so losing some mobility has been difficult. She also still realises that something is wrong. She cannot...
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    I'm terribly scared

    thanks Ghinny Thank you Ghinny I like the quote and it has helped. I have just read another post about something else and it mentioned anticipatory grief. I had never heard of this but it has been like a penny dropping. I have been so sad for the last month or so - on the verge of tears...
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    I'm terribly scared

    I'm scared too I came on the forum today because I feel very much like you. You are very young and I would like to think that it is very unlikely that you have dementia and there is probably a very simple explanation to your memory issues. Go to the doctor so that they can put your mind at rest...
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    Early stages?

    good book I read a book - Contented dementia which was a godsend, changed my attitude completely. It is so inspirational. Give it a go.
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    Early stages?

    My Mum took herself to the Dr twice over the space of a couple of years as she felt something was wrong ( we put it down to grief as my Dad had just died )but she was told nothing was wrong. I was only when I insisted on going in with her - and it took quite a fight, did she get anywhere and...
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    Mum now lucid, healthy and wants to "go home" - am I wrong to leave her in care home?

    I have been feeling pretty low just recently as my Mum has been at a similar 'place' to yours. My Mum was diagnosed 2 years ago and so as a family we decided to move Mum closer to me ( my sister lives abroad) 2 weeks after she moved she had a massive stroke and was in hospital for 3 1/2 months...
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    God Forgive Me - I nearly lost it this morning with my Mum

    Hi nbd its my first day on the site too and im finding it a help already. I am going through pretty much the same as you - with the exception of the divorce and my Mum is 76. My Mum is moving into a retirement flat with 'taylored care living' hopefully this will give her a few years more...
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    My mum is hopefully moving into a retirement flat with 24hour cover in the next month or so which is only a couple of minutes from me. This is obviously distressing for her in itself, but better for both of us in the mid term. Thank you all for your replies.
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    This is my first time on a forum!! But when I saw the word 'crying' I had to read on. My Mum has not long been diagnosed and is struggling. We live 90 miles apart and so speaking to her on the phone and hearing her crying every time is hard. To hear that there is something that may help is a...