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    I can’t go on...........

    So heartbreaking reading your post yak 65. I too am so utterly sad that we couldn't look after our Mum too. This disgusting illness has overtaken our mother and we couldn't keep up with it's progression. My mum always said she didn't want to go in a home but we had no choice I feel upset that...
  2. J

    Still finding if difficult to come to terms with mum's illness

    Hello, My Mum went into a care home seven weeks ago and I am struggling with it I don't think I will ever get used to her being in care. I understand how you are feeling, what makes the situation worse for me is that I am housebound with M. E I got ill the same time as she got Alzheimer's...
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    Thankyou very much
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    Does anyone know of another medication apart from memitine for Alziemers? My mum is very verbally aggressive and I don't think the medication she is on now is really doing very much. I seem to remember reading another post about this but I can't find it. Jessie
  5. J

    Assessment question

    My Mother has Alziemers and was only able to stay in her own home with lots of support from my sister and brother. To cut a long story short she became very difficult to manage she was verbally aggressive, having outbursts of shouting and continually banging the back door at night, even...
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    Nursing home needed

    Thanks for your reply. Yes we do have power to attorney for health and welfare. When we suggested to her that she go for respite to give us a break, she completely flips and we are met with shouting and aggression that is off the scale, very hard to take. She has lost capacity, but is still...
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    Nursing home needed

    I haven't posted on here for a while as I haven't needed to, but things have come to a head. My Mum who has Alziemers has become more and more verbally aggressive with us and has got a lot worse mentally now. She has rages and we have got to the stage where we can't go on looking after her at...
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    Memitine question

    I haven't been on this forum for a while now as I have have been ill myself, but continue to help with caring for my Mum who has Alzhiemers. My mum has been taking Memitine which has helped to calm down her aggression. We give it to her at 3.30 every afternoon. My sister stayed the night with...
  9. J

    is eating only 2 food supplements a day enough

    You could try putting easy to eat food on a plate for him, things like sausage rolls, cherry tomatoes, grapes, cheese etc.
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    The things they say do your head in

    Yes my day is also filled with, Where is the t.v remote? How do I turn the t.v on? I can't find my glasses now, I am just going to feed the birds their seventeenth fat ball, so now the rats visit. Where is my comb? Are you coming tommow? We haven't got any dinner, I'm fed up...
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    Just feeling so sad

    This is why I believe in assisted suicide, this is such a torturous illness to witness, and for the person suffering. If I get it I will be off to Switzerland.
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    At end of tether

    I'm sorry to hear that you have recently lost your Mother. Having to now cope with your Dad as well must be very difficult indeed. My mum also has Alzhiemers so I know exactly how you are feeling, she lives in her own home and myself, sister and brother do shifts to look after her. This is...
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    How to keep gardener for MIL

    Or you could tell her that the Gardener is very kindly offered to work for free! So would be very unreasonable to sack him.
  14. J

    Is mums distress something I should act on?

    Hello, Sorry to hear that you're Mum is going through this, I find it quite unbelievable that she has been taking off of her antidepressants so suddenly! I am in the process of tapering off them myself, this is a long process to avoid the dreadful withdrawal symptoms, your poor mum must be...
  15. J

    Home from hospital very unsettled.

    My mum was also very disorientated when she came out of hospital three months ago. It took about a week for her to settle down, she was desperate to get out of hospital and when we did get her home she was agitated, confused and didn't know how to get the t.v on. She also had a few episodes of...
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    Thank you everybody

    Sorry for your loss, your mum's journey with dementia is now over, peace atlast.
  17. J

    Memory clinic appointment

    Thanks for all your replies. Unfortunately every effort I made has had no effect on persuading her to go, all it's done is given her something to shout, scream and swear about. She was even shouting in the street yesterday about it while my sister took her for a walk. So I have cancelled the...
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    Memory clinic appointment

    My Mother has been diagnosed with alzhiemers and has a appointment with the memory clinic tomorrow to discuss medication. The trouble is she is refusing to go and doesn't want any medication. We think she needs it as her behaviour is quite verbally aggressive, not sleeping much, agitated and...
  19. J

    Medication question

    Thank you for the replys. I think I might ring the memory clinic and try to speak to the doctor and explain the situation before she sees my mum. It's even going to be stressful getting her to the appointment as she hates going there and when I mentioned to her before about taking medication...