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    Mother asked to leave care Home due to aggression

    Hi everyone, My friend Maria had a second DOLs assessment just last month while she was in hospital. I found out from a social worker friend that when a DOLS assessment is positive it means the PWD is assessed as no longer having capacity to make their own decisions regarding their care. At this...
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    CHC Funding Reviews

    Hi everyone, I'm Lima and I'm caring for my friend Maria who has had variant PCA for 10 years. She is now in a care home and the care leaves a lot to be desired . . . . She is profoundly depressed and not allowed to go out at all . . . . :(
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    CHC Funding Reviews

    Hi there, Yes that is correct. My dear friend had her CHC funding revoked while she was in hospital this month with a broken hip. She has now been discharged back to her care home with no 1: 1 care any more. The whole thing is more than upsetting . . . . I suggest you try to get the community...
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    PCA variant of Alzheimers

    Good morning everyone, I'm looking for information on the PCA variant of Alzheimers. Can anyone help?
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    Alzheimer’s and PCA

    Dear Jeanie, I wonder if you can help me? My best friend has PCA. It came on about 10 years ago and has been so difficult for her. She was a talented script writer and worked for the UN in France for 20 yrs. What I wanted to ask you was: how did you get the diagnosis? Did you attend the Royal...