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    Is Memantine a ‘good’ drug?

    My mum has recently been prescribed Memantine. I had a call from the surgery and the pharmacist gave me some time, both to explain how it should be started, upping the dose each week. I have a local carers WhatsApp group and when I posted in there, one member said that it did nothing for her...
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    Train trip to Scotland with dog!

    I care for my mother who has been diagnosed for 16 months now. We both love to travel and I’d love to do some train rides around Scotland. She’s never been so would be up for it. However we have an angelic aging dog (Staffy cross) who I’d want to take along. We live in Surrey. Does anybody know...
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    Bringing a dog in to live with my mum - will it be alright?

    Thank you, I'm really nervous, but with all of this crazy journey we're all on which includes dementia, we just have to take it as it comes. None of it can be fully prepared for as we don't know what's around the corner, but I do want the advice as I am worried. Thank you :)
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    Bringing a dog in to live with my mum - will it be alright?

    Oh dear this is a worry as I do need to go to the gym a few nights a week. Maybe I will leave him in my room at these times, and definitely find him a doggy day care place if I find a job. Thanks all x
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    It's just so hard

    Hi Stripeysox. Apologies for not replying sooner, I only just saw I had replies! I didn't get the job. I'm still trying but I'm not 100% myself dealing with all this so I'm not sure how it will pan out. It is hard isnt it? and very lonely. This TP is great for seeing we are not alone, but in...
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    It's just so hard

    Thank you, I have only seen how to see replies :)
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    Bringing a dog in to live with my mum - will it be alright?

    I'm bringing my staffy cross dog home to live with me and my mum who was diagnosed in Oct 16. I'm getting him neutered next week as she has complained that he jumps on her and I am concerned about leaving them together when I'm at the gym/shops or even at work if I get a job. It could go...
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    Recent diagnosia

    Hi, My mum is similar - a recent diagnosis but now seemingly so unable to cope. She does not want to move home although we did look at assisted and non-assisted retirement homes in the summer. Have you shown your dad the new apartment and asked him what he thinks? My sister doesn't want...
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    Mums' dementia

    Trudy your response is really nice. I just registered this evening when I just needed to tell someone what happened. And I'm so glad I did. There are so many of us of you all doing the same thing. Caring. And I agree, it's harder than I imagined. My step-dad has had Alzheimers for many...
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    Newbie here! Feeling low

    Hi, I'm a newbie too and I'm feeling low. It's nice to see people sharing similar experiences, and often worse. Sharing is caring and I feel no shame in saying I need help and how do other people do it? I can see that lots of people just do their best - like me - and it's exhausting. Well...
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    It's just so hard

    I asked my GP for counselling because I knew I needed someone to talk to who understands... so far (3 months later ) I've had two sessions, but I think this forum may be more what I need; To talk to people who understand - and to people my age (early forties) who are seeing their parents change...