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    A group for the children - we all need support

    I would love to be a part of this thread. I have been looking for a group of this sort for support as I am 27 and care for my 53 year old mom who was diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia last year August. It is tough and I hate talking to people who don't really understand (as much as they...
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    Training to be a plumber!

    My mom is using a lot of toilet paper at the moment and one thing we have started doing is buying toilet wipes. They dispense one at a time so it automatically limits the amount she uses. It may not work for your OH but it is worth a try.
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    Looking for young people whose parent(s) have dementia and how best to cope

    Hi @AaronH my mom was diagnosed with FTD this august at the age of 52. I'm 26 and finding it really hard to adjust to the changes which seem to be happening much quicker than I expected. It's really tough even talking to family and friends about how I feel sometimes, which is why I joined this...
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    Welcome to Talking Point - introduce yourself here

    Hi everyone, I am 26 and my mom was diagnosed with frontotemperal dementia 4 weeks ago at the age of 52. My birthed and I are still struggling to come to terms with things as it is a whole new world to us. I am new to this sort of support but after reading a few threads I do feel as though I’ve...