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    My two invisible siblings want my mum's money

    Well, it's been a long time since I started this thread! Things worked out ok in the end. I spoke to my invisible POA sibling and told her that we cannot have mum's money distributed out until after her demise. Luckily she saw sense. Mum now has two days a week of day care, and I told both my...
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    My two invisible siblings want my mum's money

    "If you can try and get hold of some literature about this and tell them how you are feeling. Tell them that all this stress is making you ill and I also think you need to talk to them about having carers in and their cost. This should make them start to sit up and think again about your mum's...
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    My two invisible siblings want my mum's money

    Thanks everyone. I had a very fitful night and didn't actually get to sleep until about 4.45 am. So now I'm feeling really, really tired as well as angry, worried etc. I shall be off to make an appointment on Monday at a local solicitors. I'm hoping against hope that my two invisibles...
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    My two invisible siblings want my mum's money

    Yes canary, half of the money was in trust from my dad, as my parents owned the flat as tenants in common. I can't believe how awful this is probably going to be. Me and my invisible sibling are POA jointly and severally. I just want to protect my mum and her money from this situation. My...
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    My two invisible siblings want my mum's money

    Thanks. I think I just needed someone to confirm that I'm not going bonkers! It's very wearing keeping on top of all of this, as well as looking after mum.
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    My two invisible siblings want my mum's money

    I'm feeling really upset, sad and angry today. I have two other siblings, both invisibles, and have joint POA with one of them for my mum. Both of them never want to know how mum is doing. Today, after many months of waiting, mum's flat has just sold and the money has been shared out...
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    Problem with new UPVC doors

    My mum moved in with me and my husband nearly 5 months ago. We had a UPVC door that she couldn't operate. So we got a new wooden door with a long key for the lock and a handle (which just has to be pulled downwards). She can't operate this new one either. So it means one of us always has to...
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    Expecting mum and dad

    Jo Sutton. Just a thought. Would it help if you gave your mum a baby doll to look after? Or do you think it would make matters worse? When I worked in a CH some residents took great comfort from this. Sent from my SM-G900F using Talking Point mobile app
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    New here: A question about toileting

    I know exactly how you feel Evoque! My mum pads herself up with toilet tissue inside her Tena pads. I mentioned about this on another thread somewhere. And the dust does get everywhere, doesn't it. Mum also has boxes of tissues, half used toilet rolls and small packets of handy andy's all over...
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    I bought a completely waterproof single mattress for my mother. It's breathable but waterproof. And then also put a large Kylie sheet underneath her bed sheets. It wasn't very expensive and they'll take away your old mattress for you. I used "aaabeds" in Darlington and found them on google.
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    Dementia day clock

    I've got one for my mum. It's currently set to show a 12 hour clock (can be 24 but I think that's too confusing at 88 years old), day and date. It can be changed as she gets worse to show "now it's Tuesday morning/afternoon/evening/night" but will have to see how that goes when we get to that...
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    To tell or not to tell

    I have learnt that I shouldn't tell my mum anything in advance, otherwise she will fret and obsess about it. It's much easier, as others have said, to wait until you're on your way there.
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    Constipation matters...

    Hi. You are exactly right. This does sound like faecal impaction. It can show as "rabbit droppings" alternating with a watery discharge. He must be in so much pain. My dad (who died from Alzeihemers 9 years ago) suffered terribly from constipation whilst in a CH. They were not very...
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    Visit by the Invisibles

    I completely sympathise. My two younger sisters are the invisibles in my family. The youngest one came to visit mum (who has been living with me for the past 4 months) over this last weekend. Arrived Friday teatime, saw mum for 2 hours. Visited again on Saturday and completely wore mum out by...
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    Morning spasms

    Hope you get a definitive answer from the GP. I'm now waiting for results of full bloods etc, etc, etc. I wish they wouldn't keep doing blood tests and telling me "oh, it's difficult isn't it" when I explain the further/new symptoms! I'm sure they won't give a diagnosis until I'm at my wit's...
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    Morning spasms

    I took my mum to the GP yesterday. She moved in with me 3 months ago, and was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment over 3 years ago. I've been trying to get a more defined diagnosis ever since, as she's gone downhill rapidly since her initial one. Mum has started to have a few "frozen"...
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    Advice on banks which will set a daily ATM limit?

    Stopping scam calls This is the first time I've posted on here, but I wanted to let you know what Ive done for my mum. I've set up TrueCall for her, a call blocking system. It cost about £120 but has already paid for itself ten times over. It's brilliant, as you can stop any scam...