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    Thankyou Hi Trisha, Thank you for the reply,But my mum refuses to accept that there is something wrong,so I would imagine she would not sign something if she thinks nothing is wrong with her,even thou all medical ppl have said there is.As there is no other person to contest anything as I am...
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    I really need legal advice to help my father, can anyone help?

    I hope you can get the help you need,its a difficult one,I find myself trying to do whats best with my mum,only resistance I have is my mum herself refusing all help even home help etc.I send you hugs and hope things get worked out for you :)
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    :confused: Hello to everyone! My mum has just been diagnosed this week, I am absolutely gutted. I am her only surviving child so between me and 1 auntie who is 73 we have been run ragged for weeks with everything that's going on.We have got all the medical ppl in etc but my mum is...