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    And so it goes on...

    I don't feel so alone now. I can hear myself in all these posts and I know now why I have been crying. It's just too sad at Christmas. Nice to know you're all here, it feels lie we're all silently holding hands.
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    Turning me into a nasty person!

    I'm there!!! bottle washing and general duties? BRING IT ON!!!
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    Turning me into a nasty person!

    Dear, dear Fishgirl I am senior fish person personified. There are days when nothing but venom comes out of my mouth - anger, disappointment, dissatisfaction overtake the nice(?) me and I BLAST OFF! - Oh yes those holiday photos. The lazy, hazy happy holiday they're having (3rd this year or...
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    And so it goes on...

    I can also relate to the sex thing.I feel bad, awful, but he won't wash and well, that's not the only thing. I just don't want to because he just isn't him anymore and he wants sex - not me.
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    I'm turning into a ghost

    You know, sometimes when I watch Prunella Scales on the narrow boat adventures with her husband I think, "but she is aware of her condition and comfortable (?) with it." She has retained, as yet, her ability to be enthusiastic about life, a privileged life maybe, but a life she is still able to...
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    Our Story

    Absolute clarity. It's not my fault. it's not my OH's fault that they don't offer us support. we have done nothing wrong. they,other family members have to convince themselves that their action (or rather, lack of it), is justified. Yes, I too feel much better now. thank you.
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    Our Story

    It's heart breaking. If only they could see past their denial - (i e.- stop burying their head in the sand) and see their parents as in need of support. Just over the phone would be wonderful - (but what's the point when you've had to ask?) Our son lives just across the field and is good. He...
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    Talking in square circles

    the hardest thing is realising that there is no reality, just ambition and hope. Keep coming here to grieve and explode and laugh (yes) and cry. We're all in the same boat. Shame there's no oars or sail or engine!
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    forward planning or what!!

    I'm there beside you holding your hand and feeling your feelings too. we are human after all.
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    My Memory Pot and other moments.

    Just love to you. I'm there too. x
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    Article about the NHS and dementia made me see red

    I am there too. what support there is - and it is there - you have to circumnavigate yourself when you're written off by the memory clinic. and what exactly were they for? We had 3 visits to the memory clinic, 1 phone call from a memory nurse(?) followed by 27 pamphlets through the post (17 then...
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    How Does Love Turn Into Hate/Dislike So Fast

    I can't help, but you have soulmate. I feel so much the same. I hate myself too, but also can't not stop myself ranting. It's almost like a safety valve?
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    I love him dearly but I'm sick of him...............

    when I came to tp today I was in tears because oh had made himself his own lunch - but not mine - the straw that broke the etc. trivial. I started to read all the various contributions and stopped crying. I read of every single emotion I am experiencing. read of ordinary people like me who are...
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    why am i angry

    sadly all our oh's faults are magnified by this awful, awful life destroyer, and yes, it does make you resentful. my oh has always put his desires and himself first in our 53(!) years of marriage.- I married james dean and ended up with andy cap. resentment, resignation, tolerance acceptance...
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    Resentment is a less comfortable feeling than resignation I'm not sure what the answer is. I wish I dd. because today i'm struggling too. I really try to keep things running, but oh wants to be in charge with varying results. undoing some of his efforts without him becoming resentful, then...
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    Made my Mum cry - not a happy new year.

    I don't really belong in this thread(?) because my oh doesn't have a diagnosis, but he is deteriorating and his behaviour is challenging and un-cooperative and I loose it mega bigtime sometimes. so I hope you won't mind me sharing my guilt here. oh has got bronchitis at the moment and is on...
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    Made my Mum cry - not a happy new year.

    please don't feel guilty - look at today not yesterday, it's gone. we all have outbursts (don't we?) feeling guilty is not going to help, your mother will forget and you will be able to move on. I know because I struggle with my reactions too. and I beat myself up over it, then find oh has...
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    Desperately seeking support

    sorry peaches with a z x
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    Desperately seeking support

    Oh dear peaches. it's exactly what I also find so difficult too - the wheedling and cajoling needed to get the simplest, simplest thing done. I try to get everything organised for jobs - putting the day we'll do whatever on the weekly calendar board - I've got new curtains too - unfortunately I...
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    Desperately seeking support

    one thing comes across load and clear in everybody's messages - medical gurus don't give sufficient weight to what we are telling them that we are living with. I sometimes wonder if they think we're the afflicted ones?