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    Fee for nursing homes in north yorkshire

    hi i was working in a care home for dementia and although not state of the art the carers are good and it was 500 ish a week in dorset, but i know that private are around 900 to 1300 a week . . but i agree with the others dont sign yet ask a solictor and do more research
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    Grief and rage, rage and grief!

    i was working in a care home... and yes things can go missing... but it didnt happen where i was as these are essentials for the elderly , i.e hearing aids there bags, and its not a laughing matter, its very serious as its part of there needs , speak to the manager , and what you found.... and...
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    My life has taken another cruel turn.

    thinking of you xxxxxx hugs galore xxxxxxxx dont give up we need people like you in the world xxxxxxx paulxxxx
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    Am absolutely desperate-violence

    am a fit dementia carer but wouldnt deal with both situations here as couldnt give correct care as is happening here... both need one to one care sounds like... assessments need to be made quickly on both am shocked of this situation you find yourself..get shouting at all professionals around...
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    Care Home

    hi margaret my heart goes out to you, ive seen this same situation alot of times and we all nearly go through the same emotions when leaving a loved one in a care home, but it sounds like its a good home and thats positive as there are losts that are not, youve done the right thing and are...
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    Last night at home?

    my heart goes out to you and how you are feeling tonight..... from paul carer of dementia... hugs more hugs for you ..... i wish we did this more ...
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    Bit my tongue!

    make sure you are getting plenty of help at home and with daughter ........ massive hugs from me.... paul a carer
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    What a mess!

    what a terrible situation to be in... yes recording every detail once the start of dementia is very wise... and your mess should be a warning to all familys especially when money is an issue.. .. the last thing that should happen to carers is having to deal with what you have had.. it is just to...
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    Taking dad out of care to live with us.

    alarm bells alarm bells big time .... im a dementia carer... and have had the experience with parents having dementia.. ok hes not happy there, but and as everyone else says it very rarely means he will be happy at yours either, its a massive job doing it yourself. life changing totally...
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    you have reached your limit , and its time things changed , from tom , we all have a breaking point, this isnt your fault , cause things will only go down hill without more help. sorry to hear this, but please get the help. from dementia carer
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    write down when what your mum is doing keep a log, assess what shes drinking eating yourself, yes it can be the dementia, this is common cycles, but then also it can happen if your mums got an infection,. am a worker at dementia care home, also record sleeping patterns times lengths, all helps...
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    Worried about the consequences

    my mum was hitting my dad as suffering with dementia and getting frustrated and angry, it got to the stage where he decided couldnt cope and put her in a home. it got to the stage where she would knock on neighbours doors at 12 at night and say her husband was sleeping with boys, so theres a...
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    Site going slow for anyone else?

    i heard that the internet in general has been under attack alot this week and made computers slow, but the other thing is where not keeping up with demand and even the founder of the internet says it could come to an end by being overloaded eventually
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    Swollen face

    i agree with this , since being a carework and oddly a pest controller it sounds like a allergy reaction. which have come across on both jobs. may be worth having an allergy test if this is the case, like ive had myself. keep an eye on him
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    I can't get a sense of perspective

    in the end i settled my mind, with motherinlaw having dementia, she had gone died, and it was just a shell of herself left, because the person i knew wasnt there... you will have to settle your mind at some point too , otherwise you will end up very ill.... your feelings are normal , its a...
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    Feeling guilty

    joanned take time out when you can, your dealing with this twice over , your not superwoman , but your an angel that needs to rest her mind and body as much as possible enjoying life, am afraid i have to send you a massive massive hug. i hope you enjoy mothers day . please take the time out, we...
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    The "F" Word

    citizens advice are really good to get the information you need like charges from care homes and councils . the system is so complicated, as each individual case is different , citizens advice will help you with what you need to know, and they get up dated if any of the system changes , as...
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    hoping to make a difference

    :)am a carer and do take an interest in all i look after , i treat everyone as if they where apart of my own family, giving them the best care possible, .i also do house visits too vunerable elderly in my spare time and helping out with what i can,. . as vunerable elderly living alone are on the...
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    My journey

    looked after my fatherinlaw with this, as his sons didnt want to be a carers to him, went through to the end , am thinking of you , my heart is there with you . lots of hugs , from paul , carer for the elderly , disabled adults
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    support through facebook

    this isnt good at all especially losing a son to drugs paul carer