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    when to stop feeding

    My husband is having problems with his bowels at the moment ,he eats very little ,is only 70 it is the first time I have heard him say he is fed up ,he has supplements will he carry on he is a a good weight 13stone , I can't bear to see him suffering so much Sent from my iPad using Talking Point
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    DVLA decision

    We have had the same problem but Max accepted it very well,my botherinlaw is different he keeps saying he can drive which of course he can't ,my sister has been poorly and this has made him still want to drive it is awful to take off their indepence but is right and not safe for them to drive...
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    dont know what to do

    Same here my husband seems to be getting wanted to go to toilet today before he could get upstairs he had got it all ove him and the carpet don't think he quite knew what he had done.i cleaned him up then had to start on the carpet what a job good job we have got a carpet cleaner shattered same...
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    Thanks for your reply ,I will try giving him something to hold Sent from my iPad using Talking Point
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    Thanks for your advice ,we watch TV upstairs because he has 15 hours of oxygen a day because of copd . I have found he keeps tapping himself with his hand or making a noise like sushany one else had the same Sent from my iPad using Talking Point
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    My husband has been diagnosed with vascular dementia no medication will this get worse help:(