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    Mum has just been diagnosed

    Two years from onset to diagnosis is very standard. I know. Don't force her into anything they don't want to do. do what mum wants. If she is seeming depressed she may need medication for this. Depression can be common but the anti dementia drugs also can lift spirits so wait for them to settle...
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    Should my dad come to my mum's funeral?: UPDATE

    Did the right thing Thanks also it was interesting to read. Look I think what you did was perfect. You took him along and he was included but when it was time to go you let him leave. I know it was prob stressful for you but you didn't know which way it would go. It's always worth a try if you...
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    Wandering around at night

    Does she live alone? Sorry i thought you lived with her but if she lives alone she can't do this anymore. She needs to live with someone.
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    Wandering around at night

    Dead lock the doors This is simple. Just dead lock the doors. I know it sounds bad but it's the only way to protect her. Unfort it's like she's reached a new stage of dementia and she thinks night is day and day is night. You need to make a clear distinction between night and day and show her...
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    Help please

    Always start with a routine check up Start with a routine blood and urine checkup to exlcude a medical cause like infection or dehydration. It is possible she has mental exhaustion. Reduce the noise, the light, the speed of the environment, even the amount of clothing on her. Just keep the...
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    Non-stop talking

    Maybe needs assessment This can be a sign of hypomania and can be treated with a mild sedative. It is Not good for her to speak for 5 hours and no one should speak in their sleep. People need rest and axhaustion can lead to psychiatric issues. It's a spiral. It occurs as a result of the brain...