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  1. BillBRNC

    Just Wanted To Say

    I have early onset Alz, but that not what I am posting about. I also play banjo at a local jam in a local bar on Wednesday nights. Last Wednesday night, 4 guys in their late 50s or early 60s came in with their instruments. They had huge Scottish accents, so I walked over and welcomed them. They...
  2. BillBRNC

    medications for anxiety and sleep including Mirtazapine

    From US here, there are caregivers here that claim that medical pot, CBD oil, and Marinol help quite a bit with these problems. Medical pot and the oil are illegal in most places in the US, but Marinol is a prescription medication approved by FDA for cancer and HIV issues. Marinol is synthetic...
  3. BillBRNC

    Hearing Thing That Aren't Real

    For at least 4 to 6 months, I've been having this strange thing happening. I hear what sound like singing, talking, or conversation taking place somewhere outside the room I'm in. I sometimes go to another room to see what it is, find nothing, return to what I was doing, and I keep hearing it...
  4. BillBRNC

    Fluctuating memory - very frustrating!

    I have early onset at age 65, started about 6 years ago. Just diagnosed. My short term memory is overall better now than a year ago, but it still isn't good. It just comes and goes, but it is always partly gone, then mostly gone, then whatever. My main problems now involve mood, anxiety, anger...
  5. BillBRNC

    Memory lapses!

    Learned something new. I thought that person who has symptoms of Alz had to have the Alz changes on their PET scan, since the PET scan changes start well before the symptoms start. At least that is what I thought was the case. So, am I reading this topic correctly. Is it possible to have a...
  6. BillBRNC

    getting used to the idea

    Wow, I just was reading down this topic and ran into a reply I wrote two days ago. I have no memory of having read any of this topic, and I don't recall writing the reply either. This happens all the time now. Strange thing. Very strange. I'm getting used to not remembering what I did yesterday.
  7. BillBRNC

    Oh dear...

    April, I'm glad I'm not the only one who did it. Just two days ago, I was reading down a topic that seemed interesting, then on the second or third page of replies I saw a reply from me. I didn't recall at all having written it, and the contents were nowhere in my mind, and I had no recollection...
  8. BillBRNC

    getting used to the idea

    JHoward, I sure would not worry about it. Forget embarrassment. No reason to be. We Alz people have a terrible disease, not our fault, but not much to really do about it. We just do our best, then the rest turns out however it turns out, but it isn't something to worry yourself or be embarrassed...
  9. BillBRNC

    Have you ever....?

    I see things I wrote yesterday and don't recall having written it or having even read the entire topic. It just blows my mind that I can see it and have no memory at all of having written something or read something just earlier in the same day. My memory of other things isn't nearly as bad as...
  10. BillBRNC

    Care costs - private healthcare

    In the US, only a certain type of insurance will cover only a portion of memory care setting. Regular insurance pays nothing, and government Medicare pays nothing. The annual cost to the person is generally between $80,000US and $180,000US, with $100,000 to $120,000 being a good range for a...
  11. BillBRNC

    Student researching into Dementia. Any help would be very appreciated! :)

    Just wondering if you are the same student with a grandfather who was thrown off the Alz Board in the US? Personally, having Alz isn't something I discuss with students who claim to have an interest. But that's just me.
  12. BillBRNC

    End of respite approaching

    I you have the option, I think you would be well advised to let your dad stay in the care facility. Several decades ago, my mom moved into a very nice facility when her Alz got really bad. She did fabulous there, made lots of friends, and in fact thought she was at home. We visited her almost...
  13. BillBRNC

    Care home diet is not too good

    At the stage your husband is apparently at, I would think it a great success to get him to eat regular basis. I would hope they could serve him food that he likes and that isn't harmful to his specific health problems. Anyway, good luck.
  14. BillBRNC

    My hubby is having memory problems

    I have Alz, but still reasonable functional, but lots of problems in the mild to moderate zones. Anyway, I a Yank from the mountains of North Carolina, where mountain and traditional music is at the top for most musicians. I play open back banjo in the old time way with different groups of folks...
  15. BillBRNC

    Dementia Looks Like This

    Aprilboy, don't worry about it for a second. It is what it is. We all do the best we can, then the rest is up to fate. I can't believe you are as active and productive as you are. You are an inspiration.
  16. BillBRNC

    How to handle clothes issue?

    I've been thinking about a lot these days, and dressing is one. I can still dress and pick generally appropriate stuff, but I'm still somewhat early in the process. But I know it will get worse, so I think about it. I think I might get rid of almost everything I have for clothes, not all really...
  17. BillBRNC

    Question ABout Time and getting lost

    IFor those of you who reached the point of occasionally getting lost out walking or driving, how long has this gone one while you've still been able to either live alone (withorwithout help) or be left at home alone by spouse for hours or even a day or so? I'm trying to get idea of roughly range...
  18. BillBRNC

    Dementia Looks Like This

    Along such lines, I also have serveral time ordered things on Amazon online only to order the same thing again 10 seconds later. Then is see the confirming e-mail and know what I did so I can cancel one of them. Worked so far.
  19. BillBRNC

    Dementia Looks Like This

    I got a new car about 7 months ago, and it has a back-up camera with a split screen to give two views so you won't hit something. It really is nice, and I've used in many times every day since I bought the car. Last week when a place, I saw the screen as usual, but this time I didn't recognize...
  20. BillBRNC

    Best Interest Meeting - no decision

    I'm sorry to say, because it doesn't matter if you are in the UK or the USA, but the only people you can count on to do what is right for you (if you have Alz) or your loved one with Alz are the people in the family, and sometimes not even then. Personally, I don't think the penny counters will...