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    Thank you all for your supportive comments. Since my melt down, talking with the doctor and reading all your helpful advice, I have been working very hard to improve the situation as much as I can. I had slowly been putting on some weight and was not feeling good about myself as everything was...
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    Free carer tickets to events

    You just have to show proof of Attendance Allowance (I always carry a copy letter with me). I was told to always ask if they give a discount for carers and I have got in free at many attractions and a reduced rate at theatres. A CEA card costing £10 a year gets the carer in free.
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    I would like to thank you wonderful people for you taking the time to respond when you all have your own problems. When I tried to book a doctors appointment, I was told that they had nothing for three weeks. That meant that I probably would just forget it. That situation changed later when I...
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    Thank you. I will do so.
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    I will go and talk to my GP. I have a son and daughter and some good friends but I am very independent and don’t voice my concerns to them. This is probably my problem, I bottle up my emotions. My OH can still be left at home watching the tv while I escape to my art class for a couple of hours...
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    Thank you for your response. I will definitely make an appointment to see the doctor. I have been fighting it as I was concerned about becoming addicted to anything, but realise that it is not worth feeling so miserable. It breaks my heart to see my dearly loved husband disappearing before my...
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    I would appreciate any advice regarding depression. The further we go down this path of Alzheimer’s the more I find myself getting very weepy with the feeling that my life is over. I would like to know the opinions of others regarding medication from the doctor. I am fearful of getting...
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    Family support - or not

    The common factor here is the lack of emotional support for the carer. We all know our nearest and dearest love us, but they just really do not understand the emotional battle we are going through. When one looses a loved one through death people understand that trauma, but it is obviously...
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    Family support - or not

    The sad part is that it isn’t the help that is always needed, it is the emotional support that would make all the difference. I find that family don’t really understand what caring is all about. To me it’s not the extra work involved, although this can take its toll, it is the loss of the person...
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    Problem with trust

    I need a bit of advice how best to deal with a situation that I am unsure how to handle. We have plodded on through this horrible illness (OH has Alzheimer’s) quite happily for the past couple of years reasonably happy with ups and downs and no major problems until now. My OH has deteriorated...
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    Connection between diabetes and Alzheimer’s

    My OH has Alzheimer’s and also diabetes type 2. He has had diabetes for the past 12 years but is kept under control by diet and tablets. We met up with my sister and brother in law the other day and to be truthful I have never liked them but have made the effort to get on with them. She seems to...
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    Another change?

    i have noticed recently that my OH’s voice seems to be changing. It appears to be higher and a bit squeaky. Does anyone know if this is just part of getting older or just another effect of Alzheimer’s. I know this is nothing in comparison to all the other changes that have taken place to my...
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    It's always worth asking - Carer deals

    It’s worth mentioning the defence discount card for persons who have served their country. Many discounts are given. Every little bit of saving money helps.
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    Training to be a plumber!

    Thank for that info. Didn’t know you could get these for a toilet. Seen ones for a sink, but never a toilet! Learn something new every day!
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    Training to be a plumber!

    This morning as usual I was sitting with my coat and shoes on waiting for my OH as he always decides he needs to go to the toilet when we are about to go out. This is the third time in a couple of weeks that he has used far too much toilet paper and consequently we have a blocked toilet. After...
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    Hello Paddy74. Sorry haven’t posted anything for a while hence the above errors! Think I have got it right now. That’s a very interesting question and will be very interested in the replies. We also have an Alexa which would be really handy if it can be used for the tv. I did look on line but...
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    hello Paddy74. We also have an Alexa so Hello P
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    Who has stolen my husband?

    Hi Sad Staffs. Understand every word you say. I was today going to post my feelings which echo yours. I have been feeling so helpless and depressed for the last couple of days and wondering what is wrong with me. Reading your sadness makes me realise that it is not just me but so many other poor...
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    Bad behaviour

    I haven't posted anything for a while as we have been very busy this summer and seem to have been plodding on quite happily. I encountered a problem today which I have found hard to accept and not sure how to handle it. We were going out for a walk with some friends (the wife is mainly my...
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    My OH has been taking Donepezil for two years now. He has had a persistent cough for the past year or so which after many tests the doctors have said is a form of asthma. He has also been suffering night cramps in his calf on and off which seem to becoming more frequent. I was wondering if these...