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  1. aprilbday

    Travelling Again

    Finding an alternative to being on the same ride as those annoying kids is a complete blessing!!!
  2. aprilbday

    Fear of whats to come.....

    Are there any medicines out there that would make you less likely to dream? I never dream ...but when I was placed on anti-depressant-I started dreaming very graphic detailed scenes. Once I stopped my anti/depressant by my doctor's permission and knowledge, of course, I stopped dreaming. I...
  3. aprilbday

    Happy Third Birthday Purple Angel

    Happy Day...and you have an absolutely beautiful thick bouncy head of hair!!!!
  4. aprilbday

    Dementia report

    Thank you for this posting. How on earth can we ever expect progression for a cure if its name is as elusive as "Voldemort"! It should definitely be stated as end-stage dementia.
  5. aprilbday

    It's getting darK early!!!!

    That sounds cool. What on earth is a light box?
  6. aprilbday

    Aqua Aerobics - trying new things!

    Amazing and fantastic writing!!! Bravo! What fun to read your post today! I know dementia is hard but you have us a humor that lifted its darkness. Thank you! Agreed-brilliant!
  7. aprilbday

    A snapshot of my night

    Norms- Forgive me, but have you ever thought about the fact that you actually may have psychic gifts that allow you to foresee lives of others? Can you research if a child in your area had such a horrific accident? Or maybe one is coming. If you think this is crazy, then please forgive me as...
  8. aprilbday

    What of the Future ?

  9. aprilbday

    What of the Future ?

    We all have only today. This hour, this minute, this second. Do what you can, when you can, while you can. Tomorrow will take care of itself.
  10. aprilbday

    Just a few thoughts..

    LoisJean I get it. It's some of our reality. Thank you. A very candid posting. Hard to read because I feel the same. We are here now. We will survive.
  11. aprilbday

    Dementia and Psych Meds

    Dementia meds don't cure-just slow down. Psych meds are critical and without them the dementia symptoms could be confused with the psych symptoms. I am in the US. You need to follow the advice of your doctor.
  12. aprilbday

    Tears and fears

    Thank you for that. Just beautiful.
  13. aprilbday

    I felt sorry for a young doctor!

    And I ❤️ gargle blasters.
  14. aprilbday

    I felt sorry for a young doctor!

    I ❤️garble blasters.
  15. aprilbday

    Choking and unable too empty lower bowel!

    You need to see a doctor ASAP. Go to an urgent medical center or hospital emergency room. This is not to alarm you. From "Choking on salvia is a sign of disease. Excessive saliva production can be caused by a respiratory infection, nasal allergy, tonsillitis and/or sore throat...
  16. aprilbday

    I felt sorry for a young doctor!

    Pete! Thank you. It makes sense. No wonder. Wow! This should be a movie-a perfect picture of a demented mind. Wow!
  17. aprilbday

    I felt sorry for a young doctor!

    I don't understand anything this is about. I am sorry .
  18. aprilbday

    Diagnosed and afraid

    Hi I have dementia. I am having a difficult time lately. Please post often and stay connected
  19. aprilbday

    Do people think you're crazy?

    Thank you
  20. aprilbday

    Do people think you're crazy?

    Hi Fellow Dementia sufferers, Do people think you're crazy? I suspect people think I am. I can't correct it. I still work. I think there are those who say I am crazy. Something is terribly wrong with my mind. Today during a typical professional development class, the speaker passed out...