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    Dad - its ok you can go now

    I am going through the same thing as Clareglen and Sunflower with my Father who has vascular dementia..... I wish you all strength. My Dad is on his last journey and has stopped eating is struggling to breathe and his legs show signs of mottling... He is Bed bound and sleeps most of the time...
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    End of Life when two have dementia

    What i really wanted to know is how have others gotton round this, when i remind her to be kind she is upset, and would like him to know that she is there and that she is gentle>
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    End of Life when two have dementia

    Hello, Whilst having been a member for some time I haven't posted before. I am an only child (but do have supportive family and partner) and both parents have dementia Dad has vascular dementia and is near end of life and Mother has Alzheimer’s. I have made a conscious choice based on their...