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  1. The Chewtor

    Pip again

    sorry to hear that john. after all the stress of the build up and then hit like that. obviously they do not have enough people available to cover if a person if off for any reason. with only millions unemployed it must be so tough for employers to find a person to do a job. sorry again but good...
  2. The Chewtor

    Pip again

    so sorry for the on going probs my friend. my eyesight is still getting worse, noiticably, since the major event in september. good luck with that as well as friday. will be thinking of you for that and the MRI trip. is it still last years stuff ongoing? Wayne
  3. The Chewtor

    hi to normms

    hey my man. knowing that you have big interest in hospital developments just thought i would pass on some good news from my end. yesterday gave a dementia awareness session to the PLACE (patient led assessment of the care environment) team going in to review my local hospital. they loved the...
  4. The Chewtor

    Pip again

    hi again john, have you got a date for your appointment with destiny. if you do not want to say it here then please do email me as i would very much like to wish you luck on the day and have my fingers crossed and thoughts with you at the time, wayne :):):cool:
  5. The Chewtor

    Sunday buses

    hi peeps. I know that in the past, via the blog, i have made joking reference to Kent closing early in the evening, Sundays are very special. I also do really appreciate that I have, due to having dementia, a free bus pass which i use very very much, it is my lifeline to getting out and about...
  6. The Chewtor

    My book 'Cooking by Kindle Light'

    hi sarah, just to throw in my halfpenny worth, when researching before doing my blog, websites, memorybilia site etc and taking in continued comments it would seem that larger is better but no huge, 1.5 line spacing and even spread the character spacing if possible but the most important is a...
  7. The Chewtor

    Pip again

    Hi John my friend. we have both had a rocky path and as you may remember ha ha, i had quite an adventure with the pip team for nearly a year but did eventually win by taking them to tribunal and i then got even more than i had asked for....result! others i have close dealing with have fairly...
  8. The Chewtor

    more updates on radio show and tv stuff

    hi guys, still not sure if posting blog info here is ok but it has not been taken down so i guess it is alright. anyway, new year first one is here // and it has stuff about tv news item and radio show updates in it. the radio show is still on, or the idea...
  9. The Chewtor

    blog and MemoryBilia website

    radio update thank you as always folks for the extremely kind words, support, encouragement and interest. news on the radio stuff is that i did one more live session during january but did not know enough ahead of schedule to get anything posted here to WARN!!!! everyone. i have edited a copy...
  10. The Chewtor

    blog and MemoryBilia website

    hi peeps. been far toooooooo long as have been ultra busy but also life has (touch wood) been being nice to me lately. later this month i will be getting a 30 minute monthly slot on a local radio station to talk about dementia and how it is day by day, including interviews with the people i...
  11. The Chewtor

    Blogs and Xmas and New Year and STUFF

    Hi to all and a belated Christmas wish and an on time wishing you a very happy new year. How about a truly memorable one ha ha, that would be a really good christmas present. I do my blog mostly for me to help record things while they are memories in the hope that in the future (maybe...
  12. The Chewtor

    New PIP form

    hi sarah, go for it but as other have said please do get as much professional help as you can grab and at the first point. do not even try to do the form yourself even if you feel able. i made that mistake and it took a highly stressful 10 months to finally get my case won at an appeals...
  13. The Chewtor

    Dementia Sufferer

    am real sorry about your distress holly and can only say that as a fellow traveller with vascular along the dementia highway, it is a very bumpy ride. i have emotional trips most days and as a 'big boys don't cry' surviver, it is hard to cope with uncontollable and unexplainable emotions. i...
  14. The Chewtor

    It's getting darK early!!!!

    thank you for the help folks. the light box is not for me as i spend sooooo much time outside that i do not think it would make any difference. i have read lots to try and help/advise someone else and it does seem that a few are supposedly medically/scientifically proven but they are expensive...
  15. The Chewtor

    It's getting darK early!!!!

    Hi peeps, does anyone out there in the winter darkness have any experience of 'light boxes'. do they work? are they any good? do they help us extend the day? does anyone have a recommendation as to which to get? any clues/info/comments, positive and/or negative really would be of great help...
  16. The Chewtor

    Just a few thoughts..

    horrible, vivid but also quite beautifully put my dear dear friend. KEEP SWIMMING or I for one will be most upset. Love Wayne xxx
  17. The Chewtor

    Blog comment and busy stuff

    Thank you to Granny G for your lovely supportive words after the last blog post, it is always lovely to hear from you and great to know you are still gamely trailing my exploits. I know this is probably not quite the right place to post that but soooo. I also want to say, not just to Granny, I...
  18. The Chewtor

    Worlds First dementia friendly Hospital (So very close)

    yesssssssssss!!!!!! brilliant Norms. after my fun and games at a zero dementia aware hospital (despite the fact that they have apparently been working on it for 12 years?????), it is so refreshing and uplifting to hear that somewhere we are almost there. Keep up the fight mate. Wayne
  19. The Chewtor

    Do people think you're crazy?

    Hi Ya April, great to hear from you just a shame the news you bring is not so great, but hey, you always seem to just shrug it off and move on. I never know quite how but admire the way you do, long may it reign lol. Answer to your question.......... NO!!!!! They know I am mad ha ha! as do...
  20. The Chewtor

    Diagnosed and afraid

    Hi there Samyjo and a very very warm welcome to TP. Am so sorry to hear you are feeling afraid but you have come to the right place. We really are a great bunch and there is a wealth of knowledge, experience and a huge bucket load of support here made up of many many people from all across...