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    Advocate(for who?)

    Hi Ask S/W if the Advocate is an Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (MCA)? There is a leafet on the Public Guardian website 'Making Decisions' which explains the role of (MCA). I hope this will be of some help as I have been reading up on the Mental Capacity Act in relationship to an Adult...
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    How do I let him know?

    Hi Thorn 1979, I do not post often, but have been a member since 2005. I would like to say this site has been a great source of support to me on many occasions. I am assuming that you are only a young woman supporting your dad - I would like to commend you for all you are doing to ensure he is...
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    Mum, Dad, Alzheimer's & Me Channel 4

    Whilst watching this programme, I relived every moment I spent with my late mother. The funny times - the frustration - the sadness. My mother had AD for fourteen years, at the beginning I said 'my mum will never go into a nursing home'. Did I make this statement because I felt guilty that I...
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    Feeding and permissions

    Dear Cliff Our postings must have overlapped - I am so pleased your GP is so supportive - this must give you some comfort at this difficult time. Take care
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    Feeding and permissions

    Dear Cliff I am so sorry you have to think about artificial feeding and nasal tubes - it is always a difficult time. I can only relate to my late mother who when she got to this stage, as her next of kin I reiterated the fact to her doctor that palliative care was uppermost keeping her...
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    Would appreciate anyone else's experience

    Dear Jim In the last months of my dear mothers life she ate very little and slept most of the time. Her last illness I took the decision that all the medical care she would receive was palative care - the staff that cared for her in the nursing home were wonderful. All I wanted for her was...
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    Light A Candle

    I would like to light a candle for my dear mum who died January 18th 2008. This is the first christmas without her, I miss her so much. I would give anything just to give her a great big hug.
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    The Final Journey

    Celebration of my dear mum's life My dear mum died nearly eight weeks ago after having AD for 14 years. My mum had spent the last 7 years in a wonderful nursing home with dedicated staff who provided excellent care. After her funeral I decided to arrange a party at the nursing home for the...
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    Do I Complain and How do I do it

    I agree if the NH are made aware of problems with bathing or other care needs it may help, I did this for my mother. My mother was always very particular the way she dressed had her hair. On my first visit to see after she was admitted to nurising home I noticed that she had no bra on and her...
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    Medication in resdential homes

    when my late mother was in her NH, I requested that I be informed of any changes to her care plan, medication, G.P visits, also any changes in her health condition. This was written up in her notes and duly followed. My mothers nursing home did not use drugs unless it was really neccessary. I...
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    Completely out of my depth

    My dear mum died three weeks ago I lost my dear mum just three weeks ago. she had AD for 14 years. In October 2005 I was told she would only probably live for about 48 hrs. and yet she survived a further 15 months. In October 2005 I took the decision to ask that she recieved just pallative...
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    Finding a good care home

    How to find good care homes I was a lay assessor for the inspection unit, which proved to be useful when looking for a care home for my mum who has AD. Although the inspection reports are useful, I would pay several visits at different times unannounced, try to speak to other visitors, ask lots...
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    Great to find the forum today

    contact sociaaal services asap Your mother has a right to a needs led assessment of her needs. You has main primary carer are entitled to a carers assessment. Do not be put off by social services stating they have no money they always have a slush fund for crisis care. All to often social...
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    Help! Dealing with dementia

    It is so hard I can relate to your situation, my mum is in the latter stages of AD. which she has had for 13 years. Mum has been in a nursing home for 5 years now, this was the hardest decision I have ever had to make- but not one that I regret as I could no longer provided the special care...