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    You know it will come, but nevertheless it is a shock

    My thoughts are with you today Bruce.. Pat
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    Death of my wife.

    I'm so sorry John, my thoughts are with you... Pat
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    A petition 10 Downing Street

    Just signed Mark...... totally agree, enough is enough.... Best Wishes Pat
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    Tea bags in the kettle

    Used to have the same problem with my dear Mum, she too would put the tea bags in the kettle.... would also put electric kettle on the electric hob to heat up hence, melted plastic. My brother made a locking device for the electric point to the cooker as we were so worried. Pat
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    My Petition Got Approved!!!! Please Please Sign

    You have my support Diane, thank you for doing this. Pat
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    Worried about John

    My thoughts are with you both, Pat xx
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    Can someone please give me some advice?? Feel like I'm at my wits end and wondering where to turn for help. My Mum's 88. She's been living on her own since we lost Dad just over 5 years ago. We knew Mum had started to have memory problems, but Dad didn't let on how bad. Mum was diagnosed...