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    Left spinning

    Two weeks ago Mum had a chest infection; her GP put her on antibiotics and she seemed to perk up a little after a few days, although her appetite was poor and she wasn't eating much. On Saturday Mum was having problems breathing so we called the out of hours GP. He said "Your Mum's suffered...
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    Coping with double incontinence

    Thanks Beate, Looks like Mum is near the end then. She's not conscious, eating or drinking and her breathing pattern has changed...her sats have dropped too. Time to call the Dr I guess..
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    Coping with double incontinence

    Izzy, is there a fact sheet on this website about what we might expect during Mums final days? Information on what to look for would be helpful Thanks again
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    Coping with double incontinence

    Morning Izzy Thanks for your reply. The Dr did mention that district nurses would be more involved now, but didn't specify what they would do, or if it was simply to administer pain relief in the final days. Mum has CHC funding so we have night sitters four nights a week from a care agency...
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    Coping with double incontinence

    Hi to everyone, Mum 93 was put on the end of life care plan yesterday. My sister and I share her care and we've decided to try and keep her at home for her final days. She's very frail and has chronic kidney disease and COPD. She no longer recognises the need to go to the toilet so is soiling...
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    Chc is it worth trying

    Yes! Please keep trying for CHC. Mum very elderly and has mixed dementia - 2 years now. It took me six months of form filling and GP's letters, even Mums consultant stated that he didn't think Mum would qualify, but she did! First time! I had to provide medical reports from Mums GP and give...
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    It's been a long night....

    Thank you Ann Mac and Pickles53 for your kind comments. Much appreciated.
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    Waiting for Dad to let go

    Thoughts are with you and your loved ones...
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    Lonely vigil

    Sitting here going through the same long night. Glad it was a peaceful end for you and your family...thoughts are with you all.
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    It's been a long night....

    Mum 92, 93 soon, and has had mixed dementia for two years. My sister and I are caring for her in her own home. I know she can't go on for much longer but she's taken a dip over the last 24 hours. She's not been awake for more than half an hour during the day, she's had sips of fluids and a...
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    Overnight carers

    Evening to everyone, Quick question: We've just started getting waking nights carers to stay with Mum four nights a week while we go home for some much needed sleep. The carers seem to think we should be staying here too, not go home to sleep. I really can't see the point in staying here...
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    Going round in circles

    Mum 92, mid to late stage mixed dementia, living in own home and my sister and I provide 24/7 care with a morning visit from carers to get Mum up, washed and dressed. I have a Court of Protection order to deal with Mums finances and the COP visitor recommended I apply for CHC which I did. The...
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    Mother who constantly talks - driving my Father insane

    I hear you! My Mum is just the same, she talks or sings on top note from the minute she opens her eyes in the morning, and woe betide you if she catches you not listening to her! She bangs on the table and yells "HEY!" down your ear. Nothing calms her, she doesn't know she's doing it. Her Dr...
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    The sticky topic of sedation

    Morning to everyone, Can I ask about the use of sedatives and sleeping pills please? Mum's GP has prescribed low dose diazepam but only for use occasionally when Mum is having a difficult time with anxiety and lack of sleep. He gives Mum 7 tablets a month. He explained that they cannot give them...
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    Mum's stopped talking, how do I reassure her?

    Morning to all, Mum 92, mid stage dementia and being cared for in her own home by my sister and I. Mum's been a real trooper through her dementia; sure she can be an abusive, aggressive, one woman demolition derby at times but considering all she's going through and her age, she's coped...
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    An unpleasant thought: is this the "default" Human?

    Yes..I think so. My sister and I have discussed this many times and have come to the conclusion that all the years of frustration our mother felt as a submissive housewife and mother are now coming to the fore, Mum was always such a gentle, quiet, elegant lady who would rather suffer in silence...
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    Carers health

    Well there's a side effect of caring for Mum at home that my sister and I hadn't considered - Vitamin D deficiency!
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    No back up plan?

    My sister and I are caring for Mum at home. For eighteen months now we've been working in 24 hour day/night shifts. I'm just wondering, those of you who are caring for loved ones at home, what happens when you're ill? So far my sister and I have been lucky but it's only a matter of time before...
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    POA care from a distance

    Thanks all. I was granted a Court of Protection order for my Mum, but that was no problem as I'd been dealing with her financial affairs for years anyway. My brother has papers all over the house - his social worker said the mess in his house needs to be seen to be believed - and I know he has...
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    POA care from a distance

    How practical would it be to sort out my brothers financial affairs and the POA from a distance? Anyone else been through this? Thanks!