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    Tired, sad and struggling

    Driving nightmare Hi Magic I was reading your thread and realised that driving is possibly the best thing you could do to get more "ME" time and also help your dad as well. I only learnt to drive and passed my test when I was 57 years old,being disabled I bought myself and old automatic...
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    Probably not long now.

    Dear Littlel I am sorry to read about your mum, you are both very brave and strong, it will be very hard the next few days, I shall pray for you all. Jenny
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    Dad has passed

    Dear Prague I am so sorry to reay about your dad, as you say no longer suffering this dreadful desease and at peace now. I hope you and your family can keep strong at this sad time. Praying for you all. Jenny
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    Pee Off!

    Special Bins Hi Magic I also am in Northern Ireland, I know its not quite the same but when I was working as a child minder I asked our local council if they had any special bins or other facilities for nappies, I am afraid the answer was no:( That is going back a few years now but I...
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    Opinions please

    Hello I really feel for you at the moment you are trying so hard to "do the right thing" but that is impossible, you cannot do the right thing for everyone. My mum suffers from vascular dementia, but before she was diagnosed we had an annex built onto our house because she could no longer...
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    Hello Everyone -I t's been a long time.

    Hi Everyone. It has been absoutely ages since I last posted I have either been too busy with usual mundane stuff like cleaning cooking etc. or I have just been too bad with my arthritis to type. So now an update . I know I said after mum's terrible time at respite last year, her first time...
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    Lost Mum This Morning

    Dear Mark So Sorry to hear your sad news, your mum is now at peace, do not worry about the financials the funeral home deal with all that and apply for a grant if they think you qualify. My prayers are with you Jenny
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    New 24 hour helpline

    Hi Tina Just tried the link got through ok thanks nly problem it only covers England apparently. Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales are not included. Thanks anyway, maybe someday we will all be able to acess the same information. Jenny:rolleyes:
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    Mum has gone

    Dear Ellie I am so very sorry to read about your loss, my prayers are with you and your family at this sad time. Jenny
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    Stopping someone using the phone.

    Hello Uncle Bob Welcome to TP. Sorry your having problems with the phone, I worked as a telephonist for BT, when there were human beings on the other end of the phone. I do know that you can have your phone blocked from all outgoing calls but this excludes 999 for obvious reasons. I realy...
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    MMM Chocolate Fetish

    Dear Snip I must admit I haven't thought of the white chocolate I know mum never liked it as much as the plain or milk but maybe it would be worth trying. Bag of white chocolate buttons on the list for this week;) Thanks for the idea, I will let you know how we get on Thanks again Jenny:)
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    MMM Chocolate Fetish

    Hello All My mum always loved chocolate and would take bars to bed many times a week, but I am afraid it now makes her very sick so I have had to stop her getting any. My name is mud when I say no to her getting a couple of bars but she is so ill, and usually in the middle of the night, that...
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    Hi All My mum has been on Simvastatin for years, since she took her very first TIA as she has very high colestrol, and I have been given simvastatin for the last 6 months due also to high colestrol. Mum's reading is now below the average and has been for about four years but the vascular...
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    Looks like foaming at the mouth

    Hello Vonny I am sorry I am late catching up on your thread but must say I am pleased your mum has improved, but I must agree with the others and state absolutely that a GP should always call to see an elderly patient or indeed anyone that is unable to get to the surgery. That is one good...
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    Hope after assessment.

    Hello Jan Thanks for your reply, yes mum started going to the day centre just four weeks ago but she really enjoys it, when she comes home I will say, "Well what did you do today?" The answer is always the same "Don't remember. But I enjoyed myself", so as long as she knows she enjoyed it...
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    Hope after assessment.

    Hi all Mum had her very first assessment today she scored 11 out of 30, I knew she was bad but didn't think she was that bad, also the specialist confirmed she had severe vascular dementia. On the plus side he couldn't believe we were only getting 30 mins help a week to shower mum:confused...
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    Financial strain

    Hi I don't know which part of the country you are in or if this covers all of the UK but last year my central heating boiler died on me, during the coldest part of the year, I rang round and was told to expect anything from 600 to 1000 pounds for a new one depending on the type. I knew we...
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    Very Early age dementia in Down's syndrome.

    Hello Sorry I have only caught up with your thread but my name is on the petition now. Good Luck Jenny:)
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    any success stories with direct payments?

    Hi Magic I was offered direct payment quite a few months ago I was told at the time that I would have to employ someone and therefore would be responsible for their income tax (if applicable) their nat.ins. the whole lot, also firstly I would have to open a bank account just for the direct...
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    new user, scared and worried

    Hello Jules First of all welcome to TP. I am sorry to read about your dad, and I am sorry I don't really have any advise as mum has vascular dementia but has not been violent apart from verbally. I think you must get your dad's GP in on this, Others will be along and maybe have more advise...