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    How do I find a 'respite' break?

    I think we must have been very lucky indeed. When it was realised how much it was affecting us my mother was offered a place in a wing of a hospital that just did respite. Normally the respite is 2 weeks out of 6 but as another lady's carer thought that was too much then we were offered the...
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    Silly Thing

    I don't think it's daft at's always the little/simple things that catch you out.
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    How did you get your relative into a home??

    We had to resort to little white lies as well. For quite a while now, we have been telling mum she has been going for blood tests when she hasn't really. She doesn't seem to mind blood tests funnily enough but when we told her she had to have a scan she panicked big time, so next time it was the...
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    Problems with not having EPA etc.

    My mum has moved into a home where there is a top up fee. We were advised to try to negotiate with the Manager of the home when she came to assess mum and she said that if the money wasn't there then it wasn't there, leaving us to believe that she will waive the top up. Admittedly it is not...
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    Losing my temper

    Jodie, I have probably missed it somewhere, but who has "uncle" the rest of the time, when his sister is in hospital? Can you not refuse point blank to have him in on Monday, I wouldn't mind betting that whoever has him before you gets something done pretty quick. I haven't been on here long...
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    Incontinence issues

    Although my mother is not incontinent all the time, which is strange, she refuses to wear a pad at all. Looks at the wet floor and says she doesn't know where ithat came from, or even asks where it comes from. When I did manage to get her to wear a pad, she went and told my husband all about it...
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    When my mum went onto another stage and started "escaping" and hitting me with whatever she could reach, I phoned her psychiatrist for advice. Without seeing her, the doctor issued a prescription for Lorazapan, which certainly cured the problem as mum could hardly get out of the settee after...
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    Power of Attorney

    I can see that I don't explain myself properly, it's just that my husband and myself are not thinking properly at the moment. There is no problem with the house. When I lost my dad and my mum needed looking after (not as bad as now) we sold both our small properties and bought a bigger place...
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    Power of Attorney

    Yes mum will be self funding for a few weeks before she drops down to a level where it will be partly hr funding and partly NHS (I think)
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    Power of Attorney

    Hi, I am new here and hoping someone out there can solve a problem we have. My mother has dementia and my husband and myself share the house with her but we can no longer provide the care she needs and we have now reached the point where mum needs a care home. This has been agreed by all...