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    Epa / lpa?

    I have both POA's for my hubby, today he had to have dental procedure and the dentist asked if I had POA. She also mentioned a card that could be carried with you rather than carrying an A4 sheet of paper. Has anyone heard of this?
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    DVLA response time

    Are you still allowed to drive while all the decisions are being made?
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    What do I do now

    My hubby has frontotemporal dementia and was told not to drive, he did a driving assessment and the examiner was happy with his driving and said he would probably get his license for a year, he will be 70 in January. Today the letter we received from driving assessment centre says we have to...
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    DVLA decision

    I always felt that he was perfectly capable of driving and asked every time we saw GP and memory clinic about him driving and they said not to drive and we just accepted it.
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    DVLA decision

    My husband was told not to drive in January when the gp first referred him to memory clinic, he never argued with the decision. At the first appointment with consultant it was suggested that he should have a driving assessment. It took until 18 th August to get appointment and while he wasn't...
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    TP is wonderful for information - Jobcentre certifying POA

    That is interesting about council tax. Do you get 25% reduction?
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    Current poa registration timescale

    Sent for POA registration late March, decided to give public guardian a call on Friday to check progress and they couldn't find application. My legal advisor dealt with sending papers away with payment so they are now checking internally but believe the reason is the backlog of applications. I...
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    capacity or not?

    That's a great piece of information for people who may be put off registering by doctor or someone who hardly knows the patient. Thank you.
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    early onset

    My hubby was told in January not to drive because of poor memory test result, doctor said to inform dvla which we didn't do at the time, consultant at memory clinic agreed that he should not drive but asked for assessment to be made. When I told him we hadn't informed dvla yet but he has not...
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    POA again

    I was beginning to get worried we are at 12 week mark. Thanks for reply.
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    POA again

    Has anyone registered an LPA and POA recently, any idea how long it is taking?
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    How to handle first memory clinic appointment?

    Memory clinic My husband just recently attended the memory clinic. I felt, like you, that I needed to prepare him for the visit as he seemed a bit anxious. I just told him that his memory would be tested again in the same way that our GP had done. He did do slightly better than he had...
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    Welcome to Talking Point - introduce yourself here

    Thank you blythspirit can I ask how things progressed after scan in respect of follow up?
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    Welcome to Talking Point - introduce yourself here

    Thanks for that reply I am trying to carry on just as normal. Funny you should say that about jumping the gun, that was my thought too I also wondered if he had not had car keys in his hand if it would have even been mentioned. We are willing to go along with what we are asked in the meantime.
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    Welcome to Talking Point - introduce yourself here

    Waiting for a diagnosis Hi I have just joined this forum because hubby went to doctor on 10 th January with a minor complaint. The doctor asked him to come back on the Monday, he had no idea why he thought it might be for His blood pressure, so I decided to go with hiim. The doc then said...