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    Bad day

    Thankyou Thanks for the kind I have read so may times before take each day. Yesterday I could do no right! But then we probably all have experienced that! Today has been beautiful...had a lovely day with mum really all just got on top of me. My lovely husband let me get an early...
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    Bad day

    Im sure I am just having a bad day extremely tired and emotional, wondering if I can do this, and not wanting to admit defeat. Mum has had her diagnosis for 6 years and is late stage now. She was admitted into care last year but became so upset I moved her to live with me and my children. My mum...
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    This was the saddest week of my life

    I haven't posted for ages but mums deteriation has been quick she is 55
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    What stage?

    poll Hey Brucie Have decided thats mum's about 3, great idea to keep a poll. Take care H
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    This disease so angers me

    lots of positive things!! It's all being happening, mmse test was all good no decline there this time, biggest noticable thing is mums personality is changing, silly little things but mum snaps and has big outbursts, i know its the Ad. I really think my friends are fed up with my whinging now...
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    This disease so angers me

    Dear Bruce, MrsP and Angela Thankyou for your kind words, It's just been so hard to face the thought of mum only been around for the length of the prognosis, and at 31 just don't feel ready to lose her. But as you say i must be strong and very thankful for the wonderful time i have had and have...
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    This disease so angers me

    I really struggle evey day to believe this is happening to us my mother is the most fantastic person in the world. We found out she had EOAD last year just after losing her dad to cancer , she is 55. I have 5 children who she has had much to do with and love her soooo much. Her last specialist...
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    This site is fantastic have read with interest lots of your sad, moving sometimes funny stories have cried and laughed. In fact have visited most days since finding you!!! Thank you for your last replies. Mum was diagnosed several months ago(she kept getting distressed and frustrated about her...
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    my mum

    My mum is fantastic I'm so angry at present, my mum is 54 and has Ad. I feel so isolated and hurt hows this happening to her????????????? Ive just had her stay for a week and i noticed such a change in her. Really dont know much about Ad or the support available for her so...