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    Forward Ho!

    So sorry to hear that you are going through such an ordeal .Can only send my prayers for you both.Try to stay strong as you allways have been.I do know this is going to be a hard time for you lady A and I will be thinking of you both tonight.
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    Incontinence pads

    Local hospice
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    First dementia now stroke

    Re blue badge I was advised to write not able to be left unattended or alone you need to write this in each box where they ask about how far to walk etc.As long as you have filled in the doctor and medications they can see why. hope this helps also the wheelchair service is good .Ifproblem...
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    WIFE has become a widow

    Wife I have been away from t.p. for a while and am saddened by your news.Things must feel overwhelming sometimes my thoughts are with you.
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    Goodbye my love .... John died today

    Thank you for your prayers and strength to you on this new most difficult of journeys
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    Thought I would just relate my last two weeks stay with my husband who has just come out of hospitals.There was no objection at all to me staying they even gave me a fold down bed next to him.When I nipped home to put wash in my sister sat with him.On leaving nurses and doctor thanked me.They...
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    How many of us dread Xmas.

    Oh Angieballs I really feel for you this is just more heartache.You are certainly going through it .I have no solutions sorry but wanted to give my support in this small way as you must feel so very low.Maybe his son will see at long last how his father has deteriorated .My thoughts are with you...
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    Pete's long goodbye is over

    So sorry Lyn your pain must be horrendous the love you shared shone through your posts .God bless
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    carers refusing to help

    Len I am so sorry this is so hard for both of you .They should not have left your wife in that way.Please ring the agency as they could have changed your wife by rolling her in the bed.Does she have pads? These can be sorted whilst lay down .Some one else will be able to advise you who to call...
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    Pete may be about to start end of life care

    I always follow your journey Lyn and really feel for you both hoping for more peaceful times ahead.You give so much help and encouragement even now when life is hard to so many on T.P.May God bless you and care for Pete.
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    I feel as if I have abandened a puppy dog

    I am not in your position so I will not say I understand .I just feel your pain and if / when this happens to us I hope I am as brave as you to do the right thing for the safety and care of my husband.I am sure others can help you on the new path you now find yourself.Take care.
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    +How Believable

    Animal lover Just thought I would say my husband sometimes says he has done things in the past which I am sure that it never happened.So much so he needed me to bring in the priest for confession .Luckily the priest understands our predicament and is very good.Things from the news or t.v...
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    Looking into care home placement - feel like Judas

    You are understandably feeling so awful now.Sorry I can't say anything that will take your pain away just now.You are doing what is needed for your MUM and your family.Bless you maybe walk that little dog of yours to get some air.So many others know how you are and will be there for you soon.
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    Big deterioration in the last few days!

    I wish you well for tomorrow and a new type of strength for the future.Also that William settles so that you find some peace.My thoughts are with you.
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    my mother just diagnosed with vascular dimencia

    Sorry Sandra I am not much help but could not just leave you as I could feel how distressed you are.Perhaps contact social services for help and your g.p.also the alzheimers society for help local to you.I am not very knowledgeable in most of this so let's hope some one will come along soon to...
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    Dreading Thursday - The Axeman Cometh

    Good news you must feel relieved after all the hard work.Well done if John New how hard you fight his corner I feel sure he would be very proud of you.
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    I'm sorry..I am in a bad place

    Is there anyone he trusts old friend or relative who you could quickly speak to in the hope they would say they are on to the problem and will sort it and to just let you have a rest where you are tonight.l sometimes have to enlist a close friend of my husband.Sometimes If he thinks we are in...
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    Broken hip....i knew this would happen

    I really hope you and your daughter enjoy some time I can imagine how difficult that may be but I still wish that for you .Do not eat too much unless your taking a larger sized outfit for coming home.Enjoy!
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    Taking time out!!

    Bless you Barry you have helped me caring and understanding this horrid disease which my husband also suffers.So good wishes and thoughts to you both at this time .