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    I'm trying to deal with my loss...

    last thing to do sorry about my rant, i was in the same place as you are now. you said you do want to go to the funeral. i didnt, but i did and it gave me closure, also on the drive to the cemetery, the amount of poeple who bowed, or did the sign of the cross gave me great strengh, so many...
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    I'm trying to deal with my loss...

    hi my mum has advanced alzhimers now. but my tale is about your loss , please my thoughts are with you at this difficult time. my dad had bowel cancer many years ago now. he was admitted to hospital. from the day he went in 6 weeks later he was dead. i visited 3 times a day even though i have...
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    my apology

    i have not been here for a while, i had a misunderstanding with a other member which was my fault and my fault only. i had, had a bad day and was not at my best. to the other member if you remember please accept my full and heart felt apology. i was to embarassed to come back.
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    My grandma

    hi the info given by the moderator i would follow, but if you need a chat or any comms feel free to message me . good luck and welcome to tp its a good place when you get low all the folks here are so understanding. good luck, yours always. john
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    who can help?

    hi you will find folks on here in the same boat, you will always be able to talk. i do not know about ni but i am sure their will be a ah support group near you. welcome to tp i hope this info is of some help, yours john
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    help i need someone to talk to

    hi hi you said you were desperate to talk, many of us here responded, to try to help. some times i feel from your single responce the support falls on deaf ears. i hope this is not the case. if i am incorrect please accept my apology.
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    Two good films

    hi barry can relate to the horse bit, my wife and here friends have 4 of them, with stables in dunham massey. every night we bring them in from the field is a bit scary. they do have minds of there own, cheers.
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    help i need someone to talk to

    sorry forgot the g its cramlington
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    help i need someone to talk to

    hi again is ashington near cramlinton, worked there for a week 15 years ago got lost every day as it is a town of roundabouts, could never find are way back to the b&b.
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    help i need someone to talk to

    hello hi and welcome to tp, i look after my mum who is 85 and has quiet bad ah now, i do not live with her but call at least 3 times per week and she comes to me all day on sunday. she lives in sheltered accomodation. but they have just cut the wardon service to only 4 hours per day. you will...
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    How will I ever know if I am making the right choices

    hi i thought my life was hard, but you have bested it. all you can do is your best, you sound such a loverly caring person, keep it up , try and do the best for your mam and bro. i dont know if you have alread , but try and get expert help, with care for your loved ones and also you, bless...
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    My mum has dementia

    hi yorky hello if you need any support at anytime i think you will find it here. my own mum has advanced ah for over 5 years now. sometimes i find it so hard to go on, but then i come here, welcome and i hope it helps you, yours always john.
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    Can't stop crying

    so sorry it is hard for all on here but i must admit your post set me off with tears, so sorry pal. i called at mums about 6.30 pm and made her some fish with peas. i went to the loo when she was eating it , when i came out she had put some strawberry jam on it. what to do, i dont even...
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    Driving Licence Renewal

    hi my mum is in advanced ah the thought of letting her get in a car to drive it. im sorry but it is crazy. you must not let husband drive if he is showing signs of ah then he must surrender his licence. i do not want one of my kids killed by someone who is not fit to drive, sorry if this sounds...
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    My poor Mam.

    someone always here, the very best of luck and good fortune, yours always.john.
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    No hope

    hi edd so sorry about your mum. i lost my dad 12 years ago and i felt so alone , we were very close. your mum is still here and she will want you to go on, i hope your mum is peaceful, and resting, best wishes and thoughts, yours always john. ps please fell free to contact me here or send a...
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    My poor Mam.

    please be strong hi so sorry but its not your mum saying these things but this cruel desease. sometimes i despair when i get a call from my mum saying she has waited outside for me in the cold for over 1 hour. i had not told her i was picking her up. it can be soul destroying, but we must go...
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    Things are going from bad to worse

    sorry it seems you have had a visit from the local idiot brigade. bad enough to be robbed but bleach on carpets, wanton destruction. i hope they spend the money they have taken on drugs. in the hope they get a bad batch, mixed with cyanide sounds good to me. speak to your insurance company...
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    First port of call ideas?

    hi pal welcome, we are not all experts on here, just a band of folks with the same problems. it is so hard to even think what you are thinking. i hope you find support and answers here. yours john.
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    Me and my Shadow...s....strolling down the Avenue

    hi just a thought seeing this took me back. when i was 15 went to stay with my cousin for a week. they lived in shilden, durham. my cousin 2nd i think was a drum major in her local brass band. my she could through that thing high and catch it, must have been a miners do. all my mums side were...