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  1. salacious

    How do I get someone to see a doctor about suspected alzheimers?

    Big problem The only question you have to ask yourself here is would you have a test if you suspected yourself of having it? It's a terrifying prospect and even if your sister did have a test the results are not conclusive, sometimes it's better to let life lead you down the path without...
  2. salacious

    Denial, Rocks and hard Places - a different life beckons

    Grab life with both hands Big Effort, Id like to say to you that all these emotions you feel are normal, that doesnt help to remove them but I always find a little strength from knowing that we are all going through them together on here. I'd also like to put forward to you that if your...
  3. salacious

    Celebrations, not bothered

    i know how you feel hi diane, my mom passed away in january, and if she could see the way i am now, she would say to buck up or ill knock it out of you lol. but i find it so hard to enjoy anything anymore. if i do try to enjoy myself i feel guilty, and if i dont i just feel maudlin. the answer...
  4. salacious

    Do I have the test???

    ok, this has been on my mind for a while, and i know no matter how many peoples opinions i get in the end i will have to make my own decision but i could do with some other peoples opinion too. both my grandad and now my mom have had alzheimers, and as i have been researching alzheimers for...
  5. salacious

    mum and me

    Hi there toura it seems to me like keeping your mom upstairs would be a lot harder for you also, having to constantly go upstairs would tire you out then you wouldnt be able to give her the full attention she needs. do you have room downstairs for a bed in your front room? just before my mom...
  6. salacious

    Suggestions please..

    hi emma when my mom used to have to use incontinence pads they used a specific cream on it that you can get from the docs, i cant remember what it is right now, but ill ask my nan for you and ill pm you when i find out
  7. salacious

    need support

    dont worry hi there lindy lou, great name! i really wouldnt worry about this being unusual, it can be quite common for people with alzheimers to be irate sometimes, i always think it is something to do with frustration, my mom went through it for quite a time, about 5 months, although it...
  8. salacious

    what's happening to mum

    hello steve welcome to TP, i take it ur new! firstly i would suggest that you keep in close contact with ur family , they need u more now than they ever will. i would say that it does sound like ur mom does have the beginning stages of alzheimers, however i am not a doctor, so i may suggest...
  9. salacious

    my mom passed away last night

    thank you i would just like to say thank you so much for all your words of comfort, as always they have been a great help to me. i still look forward to helping others at their times of unease. much love
  10. salacious

    my mom passed away last night

    hello everyone, its sara here. i would just like you all to know that my beautiful mom passed away aged 44 at 11.50 last night. it was all very calm and with her family around her. i would like to thank you all for your support through this last 8 or so months and i promise to stay in touch...
  11. salacious


    hi milly may hi millymay and welcome to TP. firstly id like to say that everyone on this site will support you in any way they can. it is brilliant if you need advice, but also if you just need to get away from it all. secondly well done on helping yourself out of bulimia. you mention...
  12. salacious

    What do I do??

    thank you thanks to all of you for your messages, i showed my nan them and she was slightly overwhelmed by all the support i have recieved from you all. dont forget i am always here to repay the compliment. much love sara xxx
  13. salacious

    One more day

    good luck i will be thinking of you both when you finally get an answer x
  14. salacious

    What do I do??

    Hi, firstly id like to apologise for not visiting for so long, unfortunately redundancy has taken over my life at the mo, with no money i havent been able to get online. And secondly i have a problem and i dont know what to do. i think most people on the site know my situation, my mother is...
  15. salacious

    New member - my story

    hi there mia And welcome to TP. Firstly i would like to say that this wonderful website has helped every single one of us at different times through this awful disease and im sure it will help you too. i know exactly what you mean when you see how different your mom is with time. my mom...
  16. salacious

    The End Has Come

    oh Nebiroth it is such a shame that today is the day you have to send that message. i totally agree with you, before my mom had alzheimers, my grandad had it, and we also decided not to see him in hospital, my nan (his wife) was there, which was her choice. but i feel no guilt in not going. i...
  17. salacious

    Hi! I'm Sue and I'm new!

    welcome! hi sue! and welcome to TP, i hope you find us all a help, trust me i have found every single person on here great. the angst you sometimes feel is totally normal, so dont worry about feeling it, just embrace it for the moment and then forget about it lots of love
  18. salacious

    can't stop crying and shaking hug needed

    hug oh sweetie you poor thing, heres a hug all the way from the west midlands. i know its terrible to go through this but you must be strong, i must say that the anger and punching and kicking will eventually subside, it is only a matter of time. as for putting edna in a care home, if you...
  19. salacious


    hey there hey there jase and welcome to TP. i hope you find some support on here, i have found it great and really supportive. if you ever need to chat just add a thread, we will listen. love
  20. salacious


    ridiculous that is absolutely RIDICULOUS!:mad: but i agree with Grannie G, it is, as is life, the norm when you live in this failing country...