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    Christmas Stress

    Hi guys, thanks for all your replies. My mum has been saying awful stuff about me, my dad& now she has started on my partner who is the the kindest most patient person you could ever meet. I have got used to these outbursts but it still hurts sometimes. Mum has started hitting as well& she is so...
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    Christmas Stress

    Thank you for your reply Jane, I'm sorry you are having a tough time too. It's good to talk on here& I know lots of Carers are going through the same thing. I wish you a peaceful new year xx Sent from my iPhone using Talking Point
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    Christmas Stress

    Well I must start by wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas. My Christmas has been anything but merry. It all started with a soaking wet bed, wet trousers, pyjamas, you know the usual. I did three lots of washing, took the usual abuse from my mum& then ending up rowing with my dad. He is well...
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    Heartsick Over Mother's Cruel Comment

    Hi there , reading these comments certainly hits a note with me. My mum said the most cruel things to me around 3-4 years ago& we had a very difficult relationship. When she was finally diagnosed with Alzheimer's I kind of thought this isn't my mum. But looking back she has always favoured my...
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    Aricept in later stages?

    Hi, my mum is on the full dose of aricept& this kept her on a level for 2 years, although she showed symptoms years before . This is the 3rd year of her being on it& she has declined somewhat. Although she had a choking incident& was starved of oxygen which may have resulted in her decline. I...
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    Family feud mum has shunned us PLEASE HELP

    So sorry to hear your issues regarding your mum. Unfortunately there will always be family members who have no idea of the stress and time you give up to look after your loved ones, let alone understand the disease. I to had an issue with one family member who made me feel so guilty that I...
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    Double padding

    I'm not sure but I remember working in the care industry & double padding was not allowed. It would make sense to have padding that was could absorb more urine, plus it could cause the patient to become sore x Sent from my iPhone using Talking Point
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    OMG I'm finally snapped today

    Hi there, I too have snapped at my mum& sometimes tell her she has already asked me that question& once she came at me with her stick , coming right for my eyes& I had to pull it away& I felt so terrible afterwards, of course I had to take away the stick otherwise it would have been a nasty...
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    am I doing it all wrong?

    Hi there , it sounds to me like you are doing your very best to support your MIL. On the other hand you & your husband to be(congratulations) deserve some quality time away, that way you will come back feeling rested& ready to give the care for your MIL. I carried on for 3 years, my relationship...
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    Am I being silly?

    After recently putting mum in respite, she went downhill rapidly. Mum went in walking with a stick to barely walking at all. Her groins & under her breasts were red raw. They fed her(she feeds herself), put her in bed all afternoon. There are certain rules that they have to abide by, but that...
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    Do most Alzheimers sufferers take anti depressants?

    Hi, my mum was on a low dose of anti depressants, then when her behaviour became more challenging & she often became tearful, they upped her dosage. Recently she has had UTI's every month& after seeing the physiatrists, they decided to put her on a low dose of preventative antibiotics. This...
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    Am I doing enough??

    Thank you. I'm enjoying the time I have off now, it was all consuming before. I still enjoy looking after my mum, but I am not sacrificing my health or relationship, as I think there is a healthy balance now Sent from my iPhone using Talking Point
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    Am I doing enough??

    Hi Tin, thanks for the reply. My mum has Carers in every night to put her to bed& weekends they come 3 times a day, to get her up, toilet her afternoon& then put her to bed. Mum refused a day centre, plus my dad moaned about taking her, which I would have done . I feel he has made comments to...
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    Am I doing enough??

    Hi guys I have looked after my mum for 3 years now, the first year I lived with her& my dad then I moved out with my partner only a couple of miles away. This left my dad to do slight more with mum, but I still did a 70 hour week with only four days off a month . The hours were tiring& not much...
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    Mum reacted very badly to car home

    Hi there, I put my mum into respite for 2 weeks& in that time period she declined rapidly. She went in walking with a stick& came out hardly walking, couldn't hardly feed herself& was totally petrified.Also her ground& under her breasts were red raw. All her needs although given to the lead...
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    emotional blackmail

    Hi, I too had a difficult relationship with my mum as a child & right through to being an adult. There are happy memories, but there was some abuse, I won't go into it on here. When my mum gets aggressive it takes me right back to my childhood& I literally think, why am I doing this?. I try to...
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    Welcome to Talking Point - introduce yourself here

    Hey guys, I've come back on this site after a little break( forgot my password too).i have been looking after my mum now for 3 years at, full time. Until now my dad& I have managed to look after her without outside help. But after spending 2 weeks in respite, she came out barely walking...