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    Help please

    Are SS approachable Hi Reds, Until my mum had Alzhimers, I had no experience at all with social services, but hopefully I can reassure you a little. Following my initial call a social worker met me at mum's house. He was so considerate & mindful of mums condition & wishes. He gave me lots...
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    Mum's last weeks

    Hi all, I lost mum a year ago & only now feel strong enough to write about our last few weeks together. Mum's death was very peaceful, her nursing home were amazing with us. They put big comfy chairs in for us, turned mum's bed around so we could sit close to her. They even insisted on us...
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    With regret

    So sorry for your loss. Hope your dads at peace at last.x
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    Coming to the sad farewell

    Thank you Flower. Both our mums deserve the peace and dignity. Thinking of you all x
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    How long for Mum...

    Hi Flower. I know what you are going thru & really feel for you all. Mum was admitted 5 weeks ago in the same circumstances as yours. She is still holding on. Each week we are told it will be soon. The hospital has started to feed mum (all be it a tiny amount of liquidised food and against our...
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    Coming to the sad farewell

    Hi, I've cared for my mum for the past eight years with alzhimers and have watched her sad decline. Mum was blue lighted to A&E 5 weeks ago with aspirated pneumonia and in the throws of a major heart attack. We were told she would not last the day!!! Well they didn't know the strength of my...