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    Should I visit during respite?

    Me too There is no right and wrong and every case is unique. However, as was asked, I will share with you my experience. Having cared for my wife for the best part of 15 years in Spain, just before last Christmas our daughter said to me, "You have to come home, dad, you are not coping". Funny...
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    Love Lies

    I’m not saying you’ve changed Not from me will they hear How different you are They who tell of your past I’ll not mention the mess You know when, against all odds, You do your best They won’t get me to say You’ve forgotten my name For what’s in a name I’m still the same I’ll...
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    Life in a washing machine

    Di, You have a good point. Try a bit (lot) of humour. That's what I find works with the wife. She is constantly laughing. I know that sometimes humour does not come easily. In fact it is the last thing you need, or is it?
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    heart breaking feel so alone

    Mere words can never be enough Just so you know You are not alone For all those on here Are pulling for you And are indeed with you through this. Xx
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    I just need a whinge

    Words of wisdom from love a hug for you, Bambini. Take them in because for a few years I tried to carry on on my own and it wasn't until our daughter said, "Come and live with us", that I realised I needed some help. It was such a contrasting way of life and I suddenly found some time for...
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    project on dementia

    Whatever question you come up with there will always be a question fired back at you. "Does anybody else really care?" There does not seem to be much of a dialogue between the Doc / Hospital / Age UK and ALz Soc, and last but not least, those in government who are making noises now an...
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    Campervan purchase - thoughts please

    When my wife started with forgetfulness 14 years ago, we bought a campervan (VW Transporter) and set off from the UK. We lived in it for 2 years in Spain before getting a permanent caravan. We sold it 4 weeks ago having only used it for 2 weeks last year as everything is very difficult as the...
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    Putting away childish things.

    Hey Ted, I know it doesn't make it any easier to know that this boat we are in must be massive because there are so many of us in it, but you must know that however much love you give her is most appreciated by her, even though she has difficulty showing it. Just keep on caring and loving and...
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    Alzheimer and cataract

    Cataracts My wife, who has had this thing (Alz) for 14 years, was examined by the opthalmic surgeon 12 months ago. They agreed she needed both done and would phone. There is a huge waiting list in Spain so we are still waiting. However, I have a slight problem with the condition. Does she...
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    Here it comes

    Fancy I thought this was my own problem. Didn't know I shared it with others. It is the same every morning plus, "Are we going to Germany today?" or some such. You see we left the UK 14 years ago to deal with this thing on our own and, although we have a constant base, we have travelled in our...
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    Ebixa My wife, Merril, was prescribed Ebixa five weeks ago to run alongside the Aricept as the neurologist recognised her deteriorating condition. I managed to stop her taking the Ebixa 48 hours ago as it was having such a devastating effect on her. Washed-out, sleeping all day and feeling...
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    Life on a campsite in Spain

    You know how you feel you have a complete grasp of everything and are in complete control of the situation? Most of mine came from running my own businesses and being in full control of everything. You know, hands on all the time and not letting anyone else tell me how to do things. Well……...
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    The Man Who Stopped Complaining

    He had been complaining to anyone who would listen. Even a quiet moan to himself. His thoughts reached as high as complaining to God, whoever and wherever and indeed, if ever He existed. It does not do any good at all to complain. Ask anyone who has ever tried to get through to MPs about how...
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    Starting Off

    The intention was to spend the rest of our days in Spain so we became residents. Unfortunately the Spanish medical side of it, whilst being brilliant at everything else, is lacking with regards to this problem. I will have to wait until we see the Doc in two weeks with the blood test results.
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    Starting Off

    My wife and I are visiting the UK from our base in Spain. She (66) has experienced memory loss from 11 years ago, which is when I decided to take her away and relax for the last 30+ years. Over the last year she has become very much worse, to the point of not knowing friends and relatives and...