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    what do you do?

    I'm expecting a nurse today, after complaining loudly yesterday. In the mean time our house stinks all windows open!!
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    what do you do?

    Yes still waiting! Is it because he was given end of care in March.... taken off in August( all t do with funding) , I feel it left to me to cope.... and as everyone know some days you can't! been doing this for the last four years.....
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    what do you do?

    Saturday, have waited in all yesterday and today for district nurse to come and deal with bed sores for my OH pressure sore on heel,who has Vascular Dementia the whole house smells. I am fed up with dementia patients treated as second class citizens, As a carer we live with all the problems and...
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    Having a bad day.. What's the piont

    Its funny how some day you can cope other days impossible, today very tired after been woken three times in the night, So having a cup of tea and a huge slice of chocolate cake! feeling slightly queasy takes your mind off the responsibilities of caring!!!
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    Physical abuse

    I agree with dancer12, I had you go through memory clinic who prescribed medication not the GP. Although that doesn't stop the hitting, its less violent!
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    Always have an info sheet at hand

    Gosh I hadn't of that problem, definitely sort it out immediately. Thank you for your advice
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    Care workers

    Have move on to having care for my OH 3 times a day, with an extra 3hrs one day a week so I can take my 94 year old mother out food shopping. I had a phone call from the manager this morning saying they will have to cancel the contract, as my OH has the habit of kicking when his socks and...
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    Minimising stress

    I think I'm following try again advice..............
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    Care workers

    After caring for my husband for the past three years solely, I am feeling very isolated, so I want to go to carers meeting and meet like minded people. I organise a company to come in every Wednesday before 10am, to help get my husband up, showered, dressed and give breakfast. First week they...
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    Older carers

    Hi we got a lady in from Age Concern, we didn't think we would get Attendance allowance. She help us fill in the form and to our amazement we got the full allowance, so go for it. When you have your attendance allowance, then to can apply for Council Tax relief, unfortunately you will have to...
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    Is this normal practice

    Isn't it sad you will have to have a crisis before you get help! Good idea writing a letter.
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    How life has changed

    It certainly brings life down to the basics, wanting to go to the toilet in peace and quiet!!
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    How life has changed

    Completely understand your feelings, my OH has dementia, also he can not walk, so I'm on toilet patrol all the time, and at his beck and call. This time two years ago I yearn for a holiday, last year an afternoon with friends, this year I would like to go to bed when I want to. You lose friends...
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    I use a small wheeled chair as my OH can't walk and I need to use it in the house, although difficult to move ( you should see my chipped paintwork), and it's heavy to put in the car, it is more compacted and I have got it in a Corsa.
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    Not taking tablets.

    Thank you for your support, I will go to our GP and see if he can cut down on some of the tablets.
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    Not taking tablets.

    Can someone help, my OH won't take his tablets, I give him a drink and tablets, but he forgets, or I find some have fallen on the floor or in his pockets. Any ideas?
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    Not eveything is forgotten

    Odd isn't it, my OH beat me in university challenge last week (admittedly we can only answer 5/6 questions), but hasn't a clue what day it is, or can not name what part of his body is hurting!
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    If you partner has dementia - how many of us want to walk away?

    No you are not the only one! I want to walk away from my OH especially today, after taking nearly 2 hours to get him up, having to washing all bedding including the duvet,. It's a cruel disease and often lonely, all most carers want is some acknowledgement, I have a friend who I can text...