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    Anyone in their 30's dealing with a parent who has been diagnosed AD?

    mum with AD Hi everyone, My mam was diagnosed with AD when she was 52. she is now 56. I am 35 and it is heartbreaking I know, to have somebody you love with this disease. I was shocked and upset when we first got the diagnosis. I am close to my parents and the fact that she is so young...
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    Hello everyone

    Mam And Dad Have Just Visited Me hello everyone. I am on a days holiday today from work and mam has just left my house with dad. She is in a good frame of mind today. they brought my niece with them and mam was walking her around my living room, she is only 10 months old, she has had all of...
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    Hello everyone

    welcome jenny! Hi Jenny, Glad you have joined us. I dont come onto the site that often but when I do I have found really lovely and caring people who you can chat to, who will offer sound advice. My mam has alzheimers and she is 55. she was diagnosed when she was 52. I you need to...