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  1. CandyCrushed

    So bizarre !

    Hoping that all went smoothly for you yesterday @Spamar, and wishing you a speedy recovery.
  2. CandyCrushed

    Would you move homes?

    "The problem seems to be you can look and look ask as many questions as you like, talk to as many people you can, but you never really know a place until you’re in the thick of it by which time it’s too late" That is so very true FW. not only that, but the inevitable evolving and deteriorating...
  3. CandyCrushed

    Walking Sticks and Hearing Aids

    :) Fags, Mags and Bags fan? :)
  4. CandyCrushed

    My heart is broken

    I'm so very sorry to hear that you lost your Mum (((Stockport))). I understand your distress and sadness. Thinking of you and your family. Candy x
  5. CandyCrushed

    If it were that simple....

    If it were that simple............. "mum would not read it; if she did read it she would not understand it; if she read and understood it, she would forget about it in seconds" Yes..... EXACTLY. I bought my mum a dementia clock..... She knows that the word "Friday" is (or sounds) familiar...
  6. CandyCrushed

    So bizarre !

    That's absolutely ingenious Ann - well done Mr Mac. I enjoyed listening to the birds with Mum and Stepdad In their back garden yesterday, after bringing round their shopping. It wasn't very restful though - your thread title "So Bizarre" was what first brought me here. Poor Mum has an abscess...
  7. CandyCrushed

    Fed up, but got to keep going

    I too am my mother's only surviving child. I too, am a mother of 5 (and a granny of 3). I NEVER got on with my mother (especially after she shoved off with my stepfather and her new 'children') I feel for you. You aren't alone. No real advice from me - just huge hugs.
  8. CandyCrushed

    We replaced sleeping tablets with whiskey...

    "Mine is slightly larger" :)
  9. CandyCrushed

    So bizarre !

    Hello Ann, Hello JM, Slugsta, Spamar, Amy, 2jays and everyone who posts here. I hope that you won't mind me making my first post on your thread....... I joined a month or so ago, and have read right though here. I just wanted to thank you all for being so frank, and open, and inclusive. I feel...