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    Greatest netball player ever I have decided to create a blog about my experience of looking after my mother. Here is the link.
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    Greatest netball player ever

    Now she has tried it with a second fella whom I actually know and like.
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    Greatest netball player ever

    This is a laugh - mother has just tried to set me up with one of the young workers in McDonald's - ha, ha I could be his mammy.
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    Greatest netball player ever

    Mother was the greatest netball player ever - that was the last memory that remained before she forgot. She played netball with the boarders in her convent school at the weekends. My uncle told me they had to wear romper suits. Later she played in the civil service which she joined aged 16. We...
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    Greatest netball player ever

    we had a lovely time last night despite there being no lift at the venue - a couple of nice men carried mother wheelchair and all up the steps. Mother liked the music especially - I have read that your musical ability is unaffected by dementia.
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    Greatest netball player ever

    Thanks very much nae sporran. We are about to go out shortly. The musician who is accompanying the poet Anthony Toner has written a nice song about his father's struggle with dementia.
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    Your tips: getting the right incontinence products

    Incontinence pads are free in Northern Ireland .The gp will refer you to the continence service and you will see a nurse. My mother started off with mini pads then pads then gradually increasing strengths of pull up panties. They will only allow two pairs of panties per day. There is a review...
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    Greatest netball player ever

    My mother has .dementia but is still nice and not too difficult. I have decided to start a thread about looking after her as I think it would be good for me as I have mental health problems myself. I think I do a good enough job looking after her and I am amazed at myself. It is also amazing...
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    My mother and i have been living in sheltered accomodation for 6 months now and my mother was brought back by another resident having wandered out in her nightie in the rain.. So now I lock the front door. I have also had to deal with another resident who wanders as well.
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    Alzheimer's and Sodium Valproate

    As well as caring for my mother I have mental health problems but I have been stable for a good while now. At one stage I myself was prescribed sodium valproate. It is dreadful stuff - it made me even more suicidal and gave me such bad indigestion you would swear you were having a heart attack...
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    From sleeping 18+ hours a day to being bright and moving better

    My mother was sleeping most of the day too so blood tests were done and it turned out she was anaemic - after she was put on iron tablets she improved a great deal.
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    Mum wants to 'go home' but she is home

    I used to ask my mother if home was the town where she was born and she would reply yes so I would take her there for the day. Lately she has not been able to tell me what she means about going home except once she said she would like to speak to her mother and father who are long dead.
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    The Lighter Side Of Alzheimers But What's My Excuse!

    the dog ate my mother's dentures twice
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    Mum making us laugh

    My mother likes soft toys and I told everyone to give her one for Christmas so this is ammunition. I will be sitting on the sofa and suddenly I will get hit by a soft toy and she laughs itamuses me too . She also tickles my feet to waken me up
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    I have experienced wandering with my mother - I share a flat with her in sheltered accomodation . We've only just moved in and I fell asleep on the sofa and was woken by an elderly neighbour who had retrieved her from the carpark . There were a lot of locks on the door installed by previous...
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    My wife seems to have forgotten how to poo?!

    red seat I read somewhere that if you get a red toilet seat the elderly person is less likely to mistake something else for the toilet bowl. Also, padded pull up panties are better for heavy soiling. You could remind your wife to wipe her backside if you go into the toilet with her eg using a...
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    the dog ate my mother's teeth twice then she simply lost some(how I looked and that was very stressful!). She went through 4 pairs in one year and the dentist told me she couldn't have any more on the NHS. So now she is on minced meals on wheels.
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    Ideas for keeping carpets clean and free from urine smell

    concentrated orange cleaner this is made of nothing but oranges and does a great job