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    My Mum's gone

    so far I'm now at Dad's - my brother and sister have been here all day. My mum's name was Hazel:)
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    How much longer?

    My thoughts are with you My mum passed away 4 hours ago and we are waking the kids up so we can drive the 200 miles to be with my Dad. My Dad and my sister were with her last night, and she died peascefully. I don't think it has sunk in yet, I was expecting her to go downhill slowing over...
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    My Mum's gone

    My mum passed away peacefully at 4am this morning after suffering for a number of years. We are driving down to be with my Dad. We loved her lots.
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    My mum hates staying in

    Too far away I've just spoken to my Father again tonight and gave him this website address. I also gave him the number of his local branhch . . . . we live about 4 hrs away and when ever we visit Mum is fine - laughing at the kids and on great form - its when we are NOT there that Dad has the...
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    My mum hates staying in

    My father is a carer for my mum who has alzheimers. The strange thing is she HATEs staying in - she is fine when he takes her out in the car or they have visitors. She gets upset and cries when she is in the house. She goes looking for him. He is now running out of places to go and finding...
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    antidepressants and major tranquillisers

    I didnt realize Michael - I've just followed your link from YBW, as my mother has Alzheimers and my father is caring. It is most strange, whenever she is in company she is happy as Larry, esp when my kids are running around. Mum is smiling and gigling all the time. The problem is when Dad...