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    life after dementia for carers

    understandinh I completely empathise with your feelings, sorry would have responded before but have been unwell - anxiety and depression do take physical forms at times, as I am sure you have experienced. It has been about eight weeks now since I put my mum into care and I miss her...
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    life after dementia for carers

    I recently had to agree to the terribly difficult decision to put my mum in a care home after many years with me at home. The home is excellent and I am told that she is settled but mainly when I don't visit, as she often gets very agitated, when I am there. It was the best decision in the...
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    No bedtime soon

    this week it is the heat I think, hopefully the effects will pass
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    A family at war

    my sympathy honey, my sympathies - dementia brings out the best and the worst in people (and I mean the carers) do your best and stay strong and most importantly get all your paperwork in order x
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    angry and frustrated

    I have cared for my mum with dementia for about five years now with little or no help from my siblings, I cope ok I think and love her immensely but have very recently been diagnosed with vitamin deficiency and basically worn out from my gp I make sure my mum eats very well but sometimes I am...
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    Confrontation? Advice please as to what to do

    My mum also suffers from vascular dementia and Alzeimer's, she was diagnosed approx. two years ago. Before she settled on her medication she would have bouts of paranoia and hostility, accusing me of 'making things up' and planning to get her out of her home, talking about her behind her back...
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    second visit to the memory clinic today any advice

    Try not to be afraid there is help out there you just have to persevere in finding it. My mum was diagnosed with mixed dementia about two years ago. We had noticed a steady decline in her mental health (forgetfulness, irritability). Lucky for us we have a supportive gp and so launched...
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    Hi All! I am a new member.

    Hi I have been registered on this site for a while but rarely posted and to be honest I think that I was busy adjusting to the changes in my life - having to give up my job to be sole carer to my mum. Sometimes I feel I have adjusted well and others .......... well, that is when this site come...
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    Donepezil-how long before it works and for how long?

    My mum started on this medication roughly two years ago, after a CT and MRI scan confirmed she had vascular dementia and Alzheimers. She was initially reluctant to take the tablet but we persevered and now it is just part of the routine and she asks for it. As advised, we give it scrupulously...
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    My Dad

    Hi hon, my mum (who is now 88) was fit and active, both mentally and physically until a couple of years ago when she complained of feeling 'off' and 'not herself' turned out she had suffered what they refer to as ' a step down' which is really a type of minor stroke. A CT and MRI scan confirmed...
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    personal care

    the only way I managed to persuade mum to let me wash her hair was to buy her lots of preety hair slides/grips - she's 88 and has very long, thick white hair which is a battle every day to get her to brush it properly. Recently had to have the Dyson repaired, I doubt you'd need three guesses...
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    personal care

    thanks so much for all these suggestions and taking the time to type all this ! will give it a go, sounds like you're on top of thinks - long may it continue ! :)
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    personal care

    Have the opposite problem when one of my siblings calls (on a VERY rare occasion) she is very quick to point out any 'problems' like Mum is wearing a soiled pinny when it has been clean on that morning. Very tempted to say 'if you can do better ...... ' or words to that effect. My mum seems...
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    personal care

    I have been sole carer for my mum for the past two years and we have had our ups and downs as everyone on here can well imagine ! On the whole we have manged ok but recently I have noticed that Mum's personal care routine is diminishing, I have been very lucky in the past in this respect, the...
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    Thanks I have tried and tried to spesak to them, my older sister wants to put her in a home and my twin in London has completely cut me off when I asked for help. They are settled and I am alone living with Mum. My twin's partner has e-mailed me to say that I shouldn't bothr them anymore -...
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    thanks thanks for the welcome, I do worry about everything. Used to be on anti-depressants and am considering going back on them. wouldn't be so bad if my sisters supported me but they don't, don't understand how they can leave me all alone to deal with this SHE IS THEIR MUM AS WELL...
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    thanks thanks, have been debating for ages about where to go for someone to tak to. Feel abandoned by my sisters who can't be bothered with Mum as I live with her. In turns, she is tearful, angry, aggressive and to boot has had two falls this week in the house, which i have had to deal with...
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    I am new and would just like to say Hi!

    also new I am also new to this site (only tried it tonight) it is a terrible illness which I think people are terrified of and that leaves us carers preety much alone to deal with it. I feel that my family has deserted me to cope with my mum - she is 86 and recently diagnosed. I feel that I...
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    never been here before.

    understand My mum has been recently diagnosed, awaiting MRI and CAT scan and medication. I feel alone and isolated but am trying to hang onto the person she used to be.
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    at the end of my tether and then some

    not alone recent diagnosis of mum, family have deserted me and I feel totally isolated. Nothing I do is right, accusations, verbal aggression, I feel that my life is over and I used to work in psychiatric care and I still feel unale to cope. Trying to stay positive but it is difficult perhaps...