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  1. J

    Social Services don't want MIL to go out!

    I really sympathize with the OP and PWD because I know how I'd feel if I couldn't go for a walk when I needed to, but there's a break point in dementia progression when the PWD's care needs exceed the family's capacity and it sounds like you're approaching it. Mum went fairly quickly from being...
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    sad thoughts

    Thanks for the input My mother has dementia and has now gone into a care home. It helps me to see your comments about how you feel when your spouses go into care and/or pass on. I think I tend to be a bit too hard on my Dad sometimes, although I do try to understand how he feels (and that he's...
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    Overprotective Dad

    Hello everyone, I'm new so I hope some of you can relate to my situation. Mum went into a care home a month ago after a spell in hospital. Obviously there's a settling-in period and she's still on risperidone because of the psychosis that landed her in hospital, so there are plenty of...