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    Looking for input

    My husband was diagnosed with early onset AD earlier this year, and really it was just a 'reason' for his strange behaviours, but this last few weeks i have noticed some more changes, he is quite irritable, miserable in fact, he lacks motivation, he washes up under the tap, no fairy liquid, i...
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    Me too, i'm 46 :(
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    Oh my goodness, i totally relate to your message, my husband is 54, i am 46, i am so sad that it has come to this. We have only been married for 18 months, together for 6 years, this is definitely not what i thought our marriage would be like. My husband was only diagnosed in February, but...
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    I feel like this too, the man i fell in love with has gone and i just feel like his carer, he would still like to make love, but then he talks to me like i'm a stranger, its horrible and I just can't enjoy it knowing i've spent all day answering his questions and telling him what to do (daily...
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    I know I shouldn't moan but I will

    I have similar conversations with my husband every day about dinner. We always eat around 7.00, but repeatedly throughout the day he will say 'what time are we having dinner'? And i answer 7.00pm. So one day i said, lets have it about 5.00, he said no that's too early, so i said how about...
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    Diangnosed With Mixed Dementia at 55

    My husband is 54 and was diagnosed with Alzheimers 2 months ago, although i suspected something was wrong for 2 years, i am 46 and we only got married 18 months ago. I feel really down at the moment, as the man i met and agreed to marry isn't the man i now live with. I feel myself moaning at...
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    Thank you all, my husband said he is going to tell the children, which are 31 and 26 so not young, and he wants to tell them on his own, I know that is because he will play it down, tell them he is going to be ok, as he told me. His symptoms are very random at the moment, he can be perfectly...
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    My husband is 54 and has just been diagnosed with Alzheimers. It came as a real shock to us both. My mother is 86 and has had Alzheimers for over 10 years, so I am familiar with the disease, which doesn't make it easier I may add! My husband, however is in denial. He said he is not going to...