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  1. andreasss86

    Should I move him to another CareHome?

    I hope I'm not too late to offer an opinion on this topic... I've read the other replies too. You said that your husband is in a large and modern care home, so I suppose you could afford a live in carer maybe? My family have hired a carer from Guardian carers for my grandmother. She has...
  2. andreasss86

    New and Looking For Advice With Early-Onset Dementia

    Hi and welcome! I agree with all the points raised above. I also do suggest continuing your education. It's highly likely that later on you may not return to your studies. And yes, you do receive better opportunities when you hold a degree. You will be many steps in front of the rest in the...
  3. andreasss86

    Things to look for in a Care Home

    My parents and i have looked at so many care homes. It took us months of research and speaking to different companies and agencies until we made a choice. We simply couldn't bring ourselves to send her to a care home, especially considering we are all very busy with our work. We thought that if...
  4. andreasss86

    Should I get a dog!

    That is so sad. Sending hugs your way. Keep the option open, I think. My mom has a Frenchie at home and we still take her with us when we go visit our grandma. She's so happy when she sees her! I've found some articles online. Maybe they can help you...
  5. andreasss86

    Should I get a dog!

    I completely agree. Given the situation I think that is the best option. Fostering may be the best thing, because you get to see how it goes. I have a friend who used to do this a long time ago. She would foster dogs all the time from this shelter and help them recover. She did this for quite a...
  6. andreasss86

    Christmas present ideas?

    Hi! I think the best thing to do is keep it simple. And only but things which are necessary. When Christmas time comes people tend to buy so many unnecessary gifts, which people don't even like or want... It is such a massive waste. I always try to think about what my family and friends really...
  7. andreasss86

    Welcome to Dementia Talking Point! Find out more and say hello.

    Hi everyone. My name is Andrea and I've joined the group to get advice and to offer some of the advice that I've gained so far. My grandma has dementia. Me and my parents have been her caregivers for almost 3 years. A few months ago we've decided to get a private carer for her, as it was getting...
  8. andreasss86

    National elf day

    Yes Izzy, it is. At my office we will actually hold our own fundraiser for Save the Children on the day and everyone will be able to donate. I think it's a great idea, which any company or business can do. Donations can even be done via card.
  9. andreasss86

    National elf day

    It is indeed, but it's a wonderful way to help people too. If it didn't work for one cause, doesn't mean you have to stop trying. Each cause matters.
  10. andreasss86

    National elf day

    Why not try again on National Christmas Jumper day? It's on the 13th.
  11. andreasss86

    Why more people are talking about the issue of social care

    This is such a good article. I always find the BBC have current care and health stories