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    Looking for help for early onset in the West Country

    under 60 I know what you are up againts my husband was 57 when i started to look for some where I got that trough the hospital when I finally got a place they were only registered for younger people 60 and upwards that ment they had to get yet another registration for under 60...
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    does anyone know rules and regs of taking mum out of carehome for a short outing?

    My husband has been in Hospital for almost a year then in a home for two years I have never had any trouble when i wanted to take him out to the pub or home for dinner i also feel very happy when i want to take him out into the grounds and just sit with him or go to his room to cut his...
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    Where to start...

    We did get a disabled facilities grant it took so long my Bill only had the use of it for 6 months befor he went in a home it took over two years and that was with a lot of pushing from me good luck margaret xx
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    at which point does applying for an LPA becoming inapplicable?

    I hold POA for my husband but i have never registered it as I have never found any broblens with eusing it should I register it the house is in both names Maryaret
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    I rember when we had an appointment with the consultant he ask me if I had any conserns I asked him to tell my husband to stop driving I taught it would be better comeing from him that way my husband would not be upset with me So when we were called into his office what did the...
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    Hellow Shrimp MY husband was diognosed at 51 he is 59 now he is just loosing the ability to walk on his own hope you like it on here Margaret xx
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    Mum, Dad, Alzheimer's & Me Channel 4

    we wondered whether he realised that he too had dementia. But for some reason, it wasn’t distressing, and that is good. My Husband Bill and our friend Lionel both with Alzheimzers, they would sit and talk to each other about how they felt and how they were copeing Connie and I...
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    Mum, Dad, Alzheimer's & Me Channel 4

    thanks Bruce that is right the program is unavailable at the moment but I can get it later thanks again Margaret xx
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    Mum, Dad, Alzheimer's & Me Channel 4

    I forgot to set the record can anyone help I cant find it on bbc iplayer I realy wanted to watch Marg xxxx
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    Funding refused!

    I want to get off this roller coaster now I just can't fight anymore so tired I remember thinking and saying that so many times but thank God I did not, It took me almost a year to get my Husband now 59 in to the care home I wanted for him now when I look at him I know it was well worth the...
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    Donated brains 'in short supply'

    Brain Donor We are under The London Hospital they asked my Bill if he would like to sign up which he did We get letters every year asking what medication he is on We wear given a registretion no each [ he volunteered me] I carry the cards with me , When I put My Bill into his...
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    BBC Breakfast Television.

    bbc tv Well done Connie I only wish I could put into words the way you do without going into floods of tears shame it way on so early takr care Love Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    the waiting is over

    waiting is over May she rest in peace keep strong your self you are in my prayers marg
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    Carer's allowance

    carers allowance You may find that you can only claim one benefic at a time Hope you get your bike back marg
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    Advice for a carer

    care When I wanted to go to a care group for two hours once a month they said he could go to the day center in the next room he would only sit in the reception area with his paper he would not go in with the other caredfor he said they were to old Imust say I found it very hard to relax...
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    Lasting Power of Attorney

    WE got a EPA about 8 years age but then got a Living will to make sure that I could keep control of the medical side aswell as yet all is well I can only hope we have done the right thing because It is to late now to chang anything Marg x
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    New Alzheimer's drug 'halts decline'

    New Drug halts decline Any new Drugs gives me great hope as my Bill has genetic alzheimers Marg x
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    New to this & only registered today

    new to this Welcome my husband Bill has AZ diagnosed 2000 went into nursing home 1 year ago he is only 59 now I am 61 Its not easy but t p will help Marg x
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    Day Centres

    day centers My Bill loved his day centers we met another couple at a care group so the two boys went to there _club together my husband was about 55 then I LOVED THE CENTER WITH ALL MY HEART X X Marg x