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    father in law

    hi, I haven't been on this site for a while, my father in law is really ill, he is 92 and has bad ulcers on his legs, which cause him so much pain and most of the time he is dosed up on morphine. Just recently his wife who is 18 years younger and his carer was told he may have early onset...
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    Do I have to pay my mums debts

    I don't remember signing anything for the LA or care home but I did contact them straight away to pay if any her debts. This is my point the little money she did have,( no estate) was used for her funeral so effectively they want me to pay for her care home when she spent her last 3 weeks in...
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    Do I have to pay my mums debts

    I received a letter last week, 1 year to the day my mother passed away, it was from social services saying that she owed them money for her care home fees. Im so upset about this because the day after she died I phoned them and asked did she owe any money and was told no it was all up to date...
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    Scared he will die alone

    im so sorry to hear about your dad, we was in the same situation with my mum last year, she was sent to hospital from the CH because she wouldn't eat or drink, the doctor was very harsh and just said to me, you do realise she won't get any better so there is no point in us doing any tests, we...
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    My dad

    so sorry to hear about your dad x
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    Still lost!

    I often forget my dear mum is no longer with us, especially when its my day off work and I think Il go and visit mum and then it hits me. The weekends are the worse when we go and visit my son and his family. we have to pass the flat where my mum used to live and both me and my husband both look...
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    mums birthday

    Im struggling today, it would have been my mums 75 birthday, normally I would have took her presents and flowers to the CH, although for the past 3 years she didn't understand what it was all about. My husband booked a show at the theatre to take my mind off things, but we got a phone call...
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    What now....

    hi angelbee So sorry to hear about your gran. Your story is very similar to ours, my mum passed away in november last year, my son lived with his nan and cared for her for years till she went in CH. He is similar age to you (25) and couldn't understand why it had happened to his nan and was...
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    Why is it the small things that hurt the most.

    I would keep them, we have her name plate which was on her bedroom door in the care home, I also have some of her hair from her hairbrush, I brushed my mums hair just before she died, I could part with the brush but not her hair, it is in a little box in the bottom of my memory box
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    Mum is at peace one

    so sorry to hear of your loss x
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    Talking point is my saviour

    I feel the same dave,it really helps to know that other people are going through the same things as I am, because in times of despair it often feels like you are alone. I often log on to this site and spend hours, just reading, sympathising and very often in tears from peoples posts. I always...
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    Before I leave

    like you elizabet I am an only child and often wished I had siblings to share the problems that we had when my mum died, although I had my husband and 2 sons to support me. I thought often I will leave this group but I always log on everyday and I think it is helping me in the grieving process...
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    Lost my mum

    So sorry to hear about your mum x
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    Still lost!

    thank you lexy I know it will take time to get over my mum, I have good days and rather a lot of bad days, just lately I have been getting signs that she is still with me in spirit, I found the other day that one of the drawers on my jewellery box was open and when I tried to close it...
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    Will she, wont she

    hope your mum enjoys the day centre. My mum was the same, she never wanted to go at first said it was full of old people and they just sat around all day doing nothing, she came home one day saying she wasn't going again cos some lady was shouting at her, when I phoned the centre up I was told...
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    Still lost!

    hi, hope you don't mind me joining in your conversation. my mum passed away in november last year and I find easter difficult to, remember a couple of years ago when I was at her flat, I left a couple of easter eggs for the grandkids in her cupboard only to find when they came round for them she...
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    why has it taken them so long to send the bill.?

    hi, my mother died in november last year, she was in a care home, most of her fees were paid for by the council and she paid the rest from her pensions. I informed the relevant authorities , DWP, local authorities and was told all her bills and pensions were uptodate and she didn't owe or was...
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    black cloud

    my mum died in november last year and i have been told I'm coping fairly well, but most days i feel I'm just surviving. In front of other people even my husband I put on a big act of doing everything normal, but when I'm on my own I can't stop crying, don't sleep for more than a couple of hours...
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    My poor Mum

    hi jaycee really feel for you jaycee we went through exactly the same with my mum in november last year, she had been in care home for 11 months, always seemed happy , put on 2 stone in weight I had gone shopping for her the week before and bought her lots of bigger clothes. We went to see her...
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    What next?

    hi anned sorry to hear about the loss of your mum, my mum died in november, I had a week of work before she died because we knew she didn't have long, my manager at work was very understanding and told me to take has much time has I need but they only paid me for a week, so I had to return to...