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    Is this right?

    Hi, I think that it is unacceptale that the home did not have enough staff to look after the residents, you would have expected that the night staff would have helped dress the patients before going hom if people were calling in due to the weather. Although it is not right for cleaning staff...
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    can anyone help please

    Hi, Sounds like a nightmare hope you are looking after yourselves too! You need to contact the GP and explain the difficulties you are having over the phone. Ask him/her to make a referal to the consultant psychiatrist for a home visit to your mum. It may be that she needs a short stay in...
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    Mum's pills...

    Hi, Sounds to me like the best option is to have homecare coming in to give out the medication to ensure she has it xx
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    Not sure what to do?!

    Hi, I wouldnt like to say whether I would have the test or not but if you were to have it I would hope it would find you have nothing to worry about, but if the news was bad then at least you can think now about putting an advanced directive in place to say in what situation you would want...
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    Section 3 of Mental Health Act?

    Section 3 of MHA is a section for treatment x
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    Now I'm confused.....

    Hi, You need to check with the home first of all if they have registration for dementia care. This can be called EMI or they may simply call it dementia unit (all the same). There are four different types of homes. Residential- which should just be for people who are older and no longer able...
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    New user - advice needed please

    Hi, This must be really difficult as she is so settled when you are not there. This is common so please dont feel too bad. You could try not visiting for a few days and see how she is after that, however, the staff in the home should be trained to deal with this and probably do so on a...
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    Jabbering - distressing Mother

    Hi, when you say "jabbering" is it just noise? or random words? Could be an anxiety related thing where she gets so anxious she goes into a little panic attack and then eventually comes around? x
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    Complaint on NHS attitudes

    this is sad to read nursing should be a vocation and staff should want to do the best for the patients to get the most out of the last part of their lives. Firstly would you consider a move to another place? Just because she is there now does not mean she has to stay there if you are not happy...
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    Advice please

    Hi, Yes I agree with the above post. The wards are usually that bust that they would not do something as serious as a section without good cause. Seems to me they have not relayed their concerns to you well enough perhaps give them a ring and ask for the reasons again why they want her to go...
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    Annoying Visitor for my Dad at the Home

    I think the best way would be to get hold of someone at your local vulnerable adults team and explain the situation I think they would more than likely put some safeguarding measures in place, if the home had to supervise his visits im sure they would soon stop him coming if it takes up their...
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    continuing care to apply or not

    Hi, I am not sure if you are getting continuing care confused with something else? Continuing care is when care is fully funded by the health service as someone has such complex needs. This is not how every person in a care home or receiving home care is funded. If your Dad can no longer be...
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    An idea for a gift

    Yes they are lovely I tried to find them but couldnt whilst I was watching it! Brilliant for reminicing x
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    An idea for a gift

    Hi, You have been watching loose women today haha xx
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    Hi Padraig, This is so common on medical wards as they see a diagnosis of dementia and automatically think they are going to be a problem. It really is uneccassary and so wrong. It is alsowrong they they seem to have hidden this from you whist she was on the ward despite having...
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    Can I just scream!!

    Hi, Sounds like you are really stressed and I cannot blame you, but remember you are doing a great job. Dont forget about the use of respite if you are feeling at your wits end, gives you a break and he will be in a safe place. However, just because the bed has gone does not mean he...
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    zoplicone - now I'm confused

    Hi, Think the thing you need to concentrate on is that whether it caused the symptoms or not it did not help him to sleep from what I could gather so the GP needs to look at an alternative. If he is hallucinating an anti-pyschotic could help him to sleep better as most do have some sort of...
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    Hi, Although the dose of Diazepam is half the usual dose it can be that it is masking other symptoms (as it is sedating it can mask the symptoms of a stroke). If you feel your mother is over sedated then speak with the doctor and ask for it to be reduced and stopped and an alternative...
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    Jury Service Read this it explains you wont have to do it xx
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    Section removed on dad/NHS continued care??

    Hi, If it was CHC that he was assessed as meeting the criteria for then this will make no difference if he is on a section or not. If he was on a section 3 and it has now been recinded (taken off it) he will still be eligible for 117 aftercare as anyone who has been on a section 3 (whether...