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    withdraw exelon

    thanks 2 all offering advice, M-i-laws consultant review is in december so I'm hoping to find out how they make their assessment on why they withdrawing exelon - as they only see her at most 3 times a year and currently my inlaws have no other assistence or home help. Chip- thanks for post...
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    withdraw exelon

    can anyone tell me if exelon can be withdrawn by the nhs even if the carer considers it is making a difference? My F-i-law is afraid that my M-i-law will deteriorate further once its withdrawn, is there any other medication that may help during the moderate/severe stages? Is exiba an option...
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    wot can i do?

    I'm new to site & wud appreciate any info on helping my mum-in-law. She is 63 and has been on exelon for 4years since diagnosis of AD. My 70 yr old f-in-law is her carer and on the last visit to the hospital he wos told that the exelon may be withdrawn next visit as she is now in a critical ...