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    A long good-bye

    Such a wonderful analogy - so sad but so true. We have been on an 11 year journey with my dear Mum - but despite all the ups and downs, I have always been able to ‘find’ my Mum in there somewhere. Until now ......we have just gone through a period of illness, which has resulted in a downturn...
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    Advice needed please re CHC Funding Application

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post and wondering if I can ask for advice as feeling somewhat out of my depth today. I have had a call from CHC Assesor today to say that they are considering Mum for CHC funding and invited me to a meeting next week. She called to see Mum yesterday apparently and...
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    Health & Welfare POA - Help please!

    Hi All, Could anyone give advice please -in a bit of a tizzy with all Mums paperwork. We had the old EPA drawn up by Mum in 2007 - then last year, when she went into a Home we were advised to register that with COP, which I did. Now I have been asked by home if I have Health & Welfare too. I...