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    Difficult Few Days

    Hi Sorry I haven't been around for a while, I've been unable to access the internet. Thank you all so much for your replies, they really helped to put things into prespective. I feel a little stronger now and although I still miss my Dad terribly, I no longer feel guilty about grieving...
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    New Here

    Hi Just thought I should post on here and say a nervous 'hello'. I lost my Dad just before Christmas - he had vascular dementia as well as Alzheimer's. I hope I can become a useful member of the forum and get to know some of you. Debbie
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    Occupying someone with dementia

    Hi Traveller My Dad loved to do things with his hands so we bought him some stuff called Octoplay which is colourful interlocking plastic pieces. It would occupy him for quite a while and he became very attached to them...
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    when is it time for a dementia sufferer to go into care?

    Hi Ald I can relate to how you feel and understand how very draining it all is. My Dad also became aggressive as his dementia progressed, having been a very placid man all of his life. Sadly I had to pester Social Services and the Mental Health Team on a daily basis to re-assess his needs...
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    Difficult Few Days

    I lost my lovely Dad in December after he had been 'eroded' by Alzheimer's for several years. Like a lot of people do, I lost myself in organising the funeral, then sorting out his financial affairs. I went back to work after only a few days and carried on as normal both there and at home...