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    A great book for those who have lost both parents

    When my grandfather died many years ago my mother said she was an "orphan" and I kind of laughed at the idea at the time. Well, the other year when my mom died the first thought that came to me was "I'm now an orphan" and I immediately realized what my mother meant. I didn't realize that...
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    After effects of norovirus

    That's very similar to what we went through. After the norovirus mom lost her ability to swallow, and that soon led to a respiratory infection that she was too weak to fight. Just prior to all this she had been quite well physically (though getting frail) and had not had so much as a cold in...
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    After effects of norovirus

    It is quite common to have a decline during and after an infection. In some cases there might be improvements back to, or almost back to, the level before the infection. In other cases the recovery may be less. It all depends on the individual. Norovirus did quite the number on my mother.
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    Rapid decline

    With ALZ you generally have a slow decline, while with Vascular Dementia it often happens in steps. When you have both, as my mother did, you get both a gradual decline with what seems like random sudden drops thrown in for good measure. In my mother's case she went from independent to...
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    My Mum thinks she's a bird.

    Could your mom still be in some pain from the fall? Pain can often exacerbate dementia symptoms and a PWD may not be able to fully express what pain they may be feeling.
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    Mixed dementia

    With Vascular Dementia the decline is often in sudden steps. You can go for long periods of time with little to no change, then a sudden drop, or a series of small drops over a period of time as small strokes or TIAs cause damage to the brain. As these damaged areas can be in different parts of...
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    Vascular dementia and memantine

    It was my understanding that Memantine had been through trials with Vascural Dementa and found effective in certain conditions. Memantine in vascular dementia. Who knows, you can find any result you want on Google these days :-)
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    Vascular dementia and memantine

    My mom had vascular dementia (possibly mixed but vascular for sure) and was on memantine for almost 2 years. In our case we didn't see any increases in falls or added mobility issues. She did get a gradual lean to the left over time but I don't believe that was related to medication. In the...
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    Elderly Neighbor with possible dementia. - advice on what to do next?

    This is a bit similar to the situation with my mother's neighbour, a woman who had always been an odd duck before, so it didn't come across as the beginning of dementia. She began to confront my parents, saying they were moving the property line so as to take her land. The land in question was...
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    Hi - please give advice about pet.

    Are you able to care for the dog at your place? You could then bring the dog with you when you visit your mom so she would still be able to see the dog regularly. Depending on the level of dementia but could you substitute a stuffed toy? I got my mom a stuffed dog and she really took to it...
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    Not sure whether to tell!

    One thing you can ask is if there is a Support Group for those who have a family member there. They had this at the care home my mom was at, facilitated by one of the staff. I found it an amazingly important thing. Not only do you get to meet others who are in the same boat as yourself, but...
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    My Mum died today - FTD

    I understand, i think, what you are going through. My dad died when I wasn't really expecting it and I went through a full grieving process. I expected to feel something similar when my mom died but it wasn't like that at all. Its been 11 months since mom's been gone now and I'm still waiting...
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    Behaviour worsened after starting Memantine

    Its a catch-22, really.... Is it the meds, the dosage, a progression of the dementia or possibly an infection (ie UTI). Ruling out any infections is often the first course of action after any sudden changes.
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    First Christmas since

    Mom died in March, so this is the first Christmas since. So many emotions and memories hitting me today. Figured it would be an odd Christmas but surprised just the same. Merry Christmas to everyone
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    Two years to get this bad. What now?

    I don't think you've done anything to cause her to be angry, its just that she has possibly lost access to higher level emotions. Your memory could be triggering an emotion she no longer has access to. Empathy, sympathy, love etc are often the first to be impacted with dementia. Those base...
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    BBC news Puzzle solving won’t solve mental decline

    Puzzles are a good way to identify executive thinking decline. My mom did word puzzles very day for as long as I can remember. We gave her a massive 500 Word puzzle book when she was hospitalized after a fall and broke her ankle. She was fine for a few weeks and then began to decline rapidly...
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    Link to Herpes Virus...Treat?

    I recall reading about that awhile back and I tracked down the link I saw. Its a medically technical article from 2014 and concludes: CONCLUSION Data reviewed here support the hypothesis that recurrent HSV-1 infection in the brain may have a...
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    Would a dog be a good idea?

    Just my opinion, but a dog can be a great deal of work at the best of times. Perhaps you can find someone who has a therapy dog that can bring the dog in for visits. My mom absolutely loved the regular dog visits at her care home, but there would have been no way she could have cared for one.
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    Feel completely lost

    I can understand your feelings. My mother also passed in March after being in care for about 2 1/2 years. Just last New Years day when I was in visiting she was in fairly good spirits but I had noticed her steady cognitive decline throughout the year and I wondered (selfishly I guess) just...
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    Obsessed by puzzles

    I can understand you wanting to diversify your wife's activities, but I found when you have something that's working well you stick with it for as long as you can. If its keeping your wife happy then enjoy it while you can.