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    Now I just feel really sad, my mom was my best friend, I loved going round to hers, showing her the things we were doing in the house, sharing Holidays, sharing my children. Now there's nothing, she's just not interested in anything, I tell her what we are up to but she's on a loop of...
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    Activities during the day

    I went to see mom in her care home yesturday, she was in lounge , tv on. She looked at me and said she knew tv was on but she just couldn't concentrate on it or make sence of what was going on. They do baking bingo day trips and gentle keep fit, my mom just sits there saying she can't be...
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    My Mum

    We did a diary for my mom the beginning of this year......she used to look at it then tear the pages out. We also stuck post its of fridge.....they ended up in bin. But it wasn't her.... You are doing an amazing's not easy xx
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    Just wondering......

    Hi. My mom is in a care home, she's 93, mixed dementia, panick attacks , severe prolapse etc. I would just like to know this.....if mom needs to go to hospital or a&e who's responsible for taking her? Is it the home or us.
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    Still not coping after 6 months

    I know exactly how you feel. My mom has been in her care home since first week in Feb. She just went to have a look and never went back home. She doesn't ask to go home ,but says she wants to go far far away, I think this means she wants to die. The last few visits have been very tearful. She is...
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    Care home - mums been in a week now

    My mom moved into care in Feb. We have good and bad visits. There are three of us and most weeks we just take it in turns to see her. The carers say she loves it and gets on with them and the residents. She is safe.happy.looked after 24/7 .its a place mom never wanted to be but it got to the...
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    Care home costs and family dispute.

    Does your mom recognise her room? It's just a thought...but my mom has been in three different ones since gong into care home and she has no recollection of any of them. Never wants to stay in her room either. So may be a waste of money . Ask her..
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    Care home or constant worry 24/7

    Your situation sounds very similar to ours. But in the end moms social worker stepped in. Please read my other posts as long story!! But basically, mysel, sister and social worker took my mom to a care home just to look that was the 7/2 and she is still there!! She never wanted to go in a home...
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    Time to visit

    I know the feeling mom went to ch on 7/2 just for a look, she's there still!! First week rest then now perminent. I feel so very sick before I go not knowing what I will find, but most times its positive. She loves it most times. I stay from half hr to two hrs depending what's going...
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    Care home.

    My mom..... My lovely mom is having a really bad week. She suffers from a prolapse of the bladder. She's had a couple of operations but never listens when the doc tells her to rest for the healing to start. When my sister visited her in her ch the other day mom was in a right state, she told my...
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    Care home.

    Name of care home removed.I warn you first impressions a little tired in main living area and hall.but after two months there, I'm quite happy with it so ismom. They cater for any mental health problem but most seem to have dementia and be old. The food is great and the carers are really...
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    Care home.

    Exactly same as for my mom, same amount. No extras. Her new room just been decorated and is lovely.
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    Care home.

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    Care home.

    I am in care and its £470.... Thought that was expencive, her room is lovely, they take her out on day trips. Food and care excellent.
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    Are delusions based on real experiences

    My mom is now in a care home and since in has told me of the little children in her room. I've asked the children ever been in her room. And yesterday mom was totally confused and didn't really want to speak, then all of a sudden started smiling saying she had the best day the day...
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    incontinence, some questions...

    My mom saw an incontanence nurse....they gave her a few different pads to try, they said the pants are too expencive and can't be prescribed, they used to though. My mom is now in care and the nursing home will provide pads but we buy her the pants.
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    My mom loves to people watch. She's given up on almost everything else, her words are she just can't be bothered!
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    Care home advice please....

    Yes I know everyone's different. My sister went to see her yesterday. Mom just wasn't interested...there was a birthday party going on and she wanted to see what was going on!! I'm so happy she's happy, never thought she would be.
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    Care home advice please....

    My mom has been in a care home since beginning of Feb, on the whole she has settled very well. Very mix of people there. But mom seems to be coping remarkably well considering she wasn't going in a home. My question is.......there are three of us (sisters) surprisingly since the care home we are...
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    Advice needed.....or just support.

    Yes I is such a strange illness. It's like selective memory...she remembers some family members but talk about others and she's forgotten who they are! She knows the youngest great grandchild but doesn't remember her mother (granddaughter) so sad.