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    Hi everyone

    My wife remembers to change and attach panty liners but would never take a shower, or a bath or wash her hair unless I managed to cajole her into it which is difficult as she sees it as a personal intrusion and me as a bully or control freak. If I can get her into the shower I can whip around...
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    is deja vu a common symptom of Alzheimers?

    thanks thanks everyone, particularly Ann422 for drawing my attention to the thread from 2012. Its clearly a fairly common feature of dementia. I have stopped trying to tell my wife when she does her déjà vu thing or to set her right, it only upsets her because she knows her memory isnt working...
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    is deja vu a common symptom of Alzheimers?

    My wife was diagnosed 6 months ago with early stage Alz. In addition to the obvious problems with short, and increasingly, long term memory she has recently experienced a high level of deja vu. We watch TV together and she is often quite sure she has seen it before when I know this is...