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    Is it ever acceptable to lock PWD in own house?

    The point of a keysafe is that in an emergency people can get into the house, if the OP is not at home or asleep and unaware there is a problem there is a way to get in touch quickly if contact details are given. In the case of fire the firemen will smash the keysafe open. If the person is no...
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    Is it ever acceptable to lock PWD in own house?

    I read the post and know that the OP lives next door which is why I feel a keysafe with contact details for use in an emergency is suitable. As there is a conservatory and back door available to her mother she is not totally locked in
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    Is it ever acceptable to lock PWD in own house?

    I wonder if a keysafe outside the front door might help. You could put a large print notice above it saying code number at and your phone number/address, if you have any other trusted neighbours they could also have the code. Not sure if emergency services have a means of recording these but...
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    Inside the mind of dementia

    When we first introduced carers our pwd was resistant to them and sometimes was quite feisty in telling them they were to leave but we and they stuck to the story that they had been sent by the doctor to give her her tablets and they would get into trouble if she didn't let them give her the...
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    Inside the mind of dementia

    Hello Dutchman, not quite the same but similar for us is that my husband's mum now thinks he is her dead brother. She has completely forgotten that he died years ago and that she was at his funeral. It was heartbreaking the day my husband was yet again telling her he is her son not her brother...
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    legally what is acceptable

    If 3 adults decide to house share (i.e. students) then it is normal practice to split all household bills 3 ways so I can't see that anyone could object to her paying 1/3rd towards your bills as well as maintaining her own property. As has already been mentioned she should qualify for attendance...
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    Mum being scammed...

    Do you have a Community Police officer? You should be able to find contact details for them on your local police website. I would tell them about the scammers and ask them to visit with you just as a "friendly chat to say hello as they are in the neighbourhood" so they can see for themselves...
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    Breaking point

    Call for an ambulance when she is really worked up, the crew will be used to dealing with this and will either take her to hospital where she can be properly monitored and stabilised before she is sent back home or they will calm her down and leave. If they leave her at home then call them back...
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    Social Services battle for help!

    Please use email for your complaint to social services as letters even when sent recorded delivery can still go missing. With email you will be able to prove that they were told about these safety issues. I wonder if the local Fire Brigade could help if you contact them and ask for a safety...
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    Concerns for 62 year old husband

    I'm wondering if he might be missing the structure that going to work gives to our lives. A friend hated his job and was counting down to retiring but when it happened he didn't know what to do with himself all day everyday once the novelty of doing as he pleased had worn off. When his work...
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    A little boy said

    Thank you Norrms, this has made me stop and think for a minute. Very poignant
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    Alexa / Google Home customized for dementia - suggestions

    Oh the unplugging fairy! She visits regularly. First phone call will be from lifeline saying it has been turned off, we will look at cameras and see they are down too then the neighbour will ring to say she has been for help as her tv is not working and that the flat is freezing or like an oven...
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    Still trying to understand how to deal with dementia

    Hello Supermum54, this forum is a very good and safe place for you to find advice and sympathy if you need it. Sometimes just writing things down helps. My PWD (person with dementia) is also 90 and has a stoma following bowel surgery so I can empathise with your mum having enough to deal with...
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    Elderly Neighbor with possible dementia. - advice on what to do next?

    It may be that she is presenting reasonably to the other neighbours and so they don't realise that she has problems and so are believing her. What you are experiencing may be the result of her confabulations these are made up stories that are very real to the person with dementia. There are a...
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    Always a fight

    Our PWD aged 90 was left in a bed with rails in a cubicle in the A&E dept for 2 mins but managed to climb out. She had been admitted so poorly she could hardly walk and was having breathing difficulties. I popped out to meet my husband in the reception area and show him which cubicle we were in...
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    cointinuing questions

    The best way I have found for explaining this to relatives/visitors is to liken it to an earworm where we get a line from a jingle or song stuck in our head and can't shift it and if we do it gets replaced sometimes by a more annoying one. For all I know it may be just as annoying to my pwd but...
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    Bathing and Hygiene Issues

    Our pwd is convinced she has a shower every night before she goes to bed so is very resistant and indignant about any suggestion about showering however one of her carers has a knack for getting her to allow it. It's a combination of uniform and no nonsense manner I think. None of the younger...
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    Bank Account

    Where does his post go? If he is in a secure unit are they opening his bank statements?
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    spray on, no rubbing in , moisturiser needed! Advice please.

    My first thought was also the Avon SSS which is a dry oil also perhaps a dry oil spray-on sun lotion might work
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    Pain real or not

    bmca, I'm sorry I have no advice to give you but I wanted you to know you are not out there alone. I'm sure others on here are looking and listening and sending you silent thoughts and hugs. Hopefully someone else may have practical suggestions for you to try. It's very distressing not knowing...