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    Finding my mum's doctor's surgery so unhelpful!

    Poa as fizzie says, do them online, each one costs £110 and they are very easy to do and SO much cheaper than paying a solicitor to do them.
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    Feeling guilty and stressed

    Hi Ellaj My dad has VD and also lost the ability to know what time of day or night it was. He lived with us and he would be up most of the night, tv on loud AND radio full blast at same time. Also had started to wander. He would not believe me or my partner when we would tell him it was 2am...
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    Can anyone please help me

    My dad has vascular dementia and cannot tell the time on either a normal clock or a digital one. He does wear a watch though but if anyone ever asks him the time he always says its twelve o clock :D whatever time of day or night it is. He has no concept of time at all, whether it is morning...
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    Don't despair. Mum moved to nursing home.

    Hi dotty, I am pleased to hear that your mum has improved and is happier at her new home. I totally agree with you about PWD having access to the outside and fresh air. My dad moved into his CH after spending a month in hospital followed by 2wks in a LA placement CH. He was unable to go outside...
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    Hi My dad spent 4 weeks in hospital after fracturing his femur, he has Vascular Dementia, I would say at the moderate stage then. After his operation he gradually got worse day by day over the following week on a 'mental basis' so to say. He was hallucinating massively, very delusional, some of...
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    For anyone having to decide to put relative in care home - my story 9 months on.

    Thank you all for these posts. I have just had to put my dad (VD) into a CH after a month stay in hospital following a fall and breaking his leg. I lie awake at night feeling guilty about it as when I visit him he asks when he is going home. The carers say that he is settling well and doesn't...
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    Advise about vascular dementia please

    Hi Earthgirl As fizzle has said, defo get him checked out with a GP for any infections that may be causing this. My dad has VD and his body clock went completely awry, sleeping in the day, almost impossible to keep him awake. I tried taking him out for trips but because we live in the sticks it...
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    How can I stop my parents from driving?

    When I stopped my dad from driving I used the excuse of his GP saying he had to stop driving, done with GPs knowledge and consent. I was dreading it but to be honest it was almost a relief for Dad as he admitted he was getting very worked up by the thought of driving places, (he had had a few...
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    Legal advice?

    Glad I could be of help
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    wrong day of week

    I bought one of theses clocks for my dad who has vascular dementia, he was up at all times of the night, didn't know what day it was and whenever you asked him the time it was always 12 o clock!!! It wasn't a success for us unfortunately as dad always thought it was lying to him, many a row was...
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    Legal advice?

    Worrier123 was interested in answers to part owned properties, so I just thought I would share what my experience has been. I realise that the OP situation is very different to mine, but the whole property disregard issue under the new care act seems to be less than clear. I will keep quiet...
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    Legal advice?

    I co own my house with my dad who is going into care, I am NOT over 60 or disabled and the financial assessment form I have received from my LA say that in this case my dads share of the property will be taken into account. I could try to fight for a discretionary disregard as I have been his...
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    social services

    Hi jellymac So sorry to hear of your situation, it must be awful. Although my experience is not the same as yours I have found SS to be no more use than a chocolate teapot to be honest. Do you know whether your mum would be self funding? If she is, as my dad is then I would just bypass SS...
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    Coping with nerves and repetitive questions

    Like many others I found the easiest way was to not tell my dad until the actual day, normally an hour before we had to leave. If he knew in advance he would be waking me up in the middle of the night saying that we were late! My dad has no idea what time of day or night it is, if you ask him it...
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    Do I have to keep Social Services involved?

    Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. Today I have received forms from SS to fill in for the financial assessment. I may be wrong but I thought that the care assessment should be done first. I am not aware that SS have done this, if they have I wasn't involved in informed. Or is it normal for...
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    Do I have to keep Social Services involved?

    It is very easy to look at them thinking whether "I" like them. One of them was absolutely stunning - loads of facilities, like a 5 star hotel - even had a therapist room where the residents can have massages etc (included in the weekly charge - but then again the cost was the highest by quite...
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    Do I have to keep Social Services involved?

    I have been looking at the CQC reports - all of the ones I have visited have got "Good" in all areas, I am currently reading through the reports in full and as yet haven't found anything in them that concerns me - still got 2 more to go through yet though. Brain is becoming a bit overloaded...
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    Do I have to keep Social Services involved?

    I hear exactly what you are saying - if it wasn't for my OH offering to fund the care home fees shortfall after my dads pensions then I would be almost suicidal thinking dad had to stay in that home until the house was sold. Dad would be gutted if he realised that I was selling the house to...
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    Do I have to keep Social Services involved?

    Hi Pete I realise I have a potential case for a property disregard but even if I did get it we cannot afford top up fees for much more than 9-12 months. I wouldn't want to have to move dad to another home after 12 months especially back to the home he is in now which I think would be likely...
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    Do I have to keep Social Services involved?

    Hi garnuft Sorry to hear of your situation - it is so hard isn't it. The care homes I have visited have all said they would do an assessment of him to determine his needs and they have said they can arrange all this fairly quickly if that is what we want. I may be being unfair but I...